Affiliate Marketing – 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Promote Your Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity for one to start an internet business without having a website, own products, or even money. Affiliate marketing is just like any business that you can start on the internet. You will need traffic to get sales, and not any traffic, but laser targeted traffic.

One of the advantages of starting out as an affiliate marketer offers you a chance to concentrate on one thing, which is to master the art of driving traffic. You will not need to spend time to come out with your own products, or writing sales copy. All you need to do is to drive traffic, build list, and convert.

Let me just share with you 5 of the ways that you can drive traffic to your affiliate products if you are just starting out in the affiliate marketing field:

1. Writing keyword rich articles. Writing article is one of my favorite techniques to drive traffic, and it is absolutely free of charge. I understand that it will be hard when you are writing your first article. But just continue to do it and you will get the hand of it. Lastly do write keyword-rich articles so that your articles get the chance to appear on search engines.

2. Giving away free report. You can easily compile articles that you have written in the past into a report, and then give it away. Strategically place your affiliate links in the report and allow others to give away the report as long as they keep the content intact.

3. Pay-per-click advertising. You can advertise on places like Google and Overture for a fee. You will only be charged when someone clicks on your ads. You can start driving targeted traffic to your affiliate products or your squeeze page as fast as 15 minutes after set-up.

4. Forum advertising. Sign up with forums that are related to the product’s industry that you are promoting. Contribute to the forums, and place your affiliate links in your signature.

5. Squidoo. Set up a Squidoo lens and offer a review on a particular product that you are promoting. Strategically place your affiliate links within your len.

With affiliate marketing, you do not have any more excuses not to get started to earn money on the Internet. Just take the first step, and learn more as you go along.

Avoid These Personal Affiliate Marketing Killers

The Fastest Ways To Affiliate Marketing Failure!

Affiliate marketing can be fun and rewarding but it can also be very frustrating.

I know, I have been there. After many years of working online I have faced almost every conceivable obstacle to success. Three of the most damaging obstacles are:


I get started following every piece of instruction or advice I have been given to write and submit an article and then I hit a snag that throws me out of my writing mood. I may have written a great article and it should be a snap to get it published but the article submission site requires that I reduce the title to 100 characters or less. Back to the article to redo the title. Now it is lunch time so I save my work until later. Life happens and I think to my self, “self I will finish this tomorrow.” Tomorrow has a different set of problems and I keep putting off finishing the article submission. Nothing happens, no traffic, no money and more frustration. Procrastination is the biggest contributor to my frustration level. I know that unless I finish the project and move on nothing good will happen.


Money Problems:

I have been in the process of marketing an affiliate product and I come to the place where I cannot determine if I am getting any response to my ads or if I am where did I get them. I need a adtracker. But wait money is tight, maybe I should just blindly forge ahead without that resource. That’s a fear of spending some money.

The Fear of Rejection.

Writing an article or a post on the blog. What if people disagree? What if I offend someone? Do I know enough about this? The Fear of Rejection is a success killer.

It simply paralyzes you and keeps you from moving your plans forward. I am very prone to this type of fear. I continue to work at overcoming it daily. As I write this article my mind is warning me that no one will read it because I am not very good at writing articles, no one will care because no one else feels this way and I should find something else to do that matters.

I continue to remind myself that there are many people who feel the same way and maybe if I tell them they are not alone it will help in some way. I have had a great deal of success in the past which surprised me when people told me they feel the same and I even have had great success in affiliate marketing. So I continue to write.


How can I possibly have anything to add to the discussion of this topic. There are probably millions of people better trained in this and they will think I am a complete idiot. I will never succeed in making any money on the internet there are a gazillion people building sites and blogs, how can I compete? This is Lack of Confidence.

Thinking that you can’t do something unless it is perfect is an unrealistic way to approach every day life and destroys any hope of affiliate marketing success.. It is also a way of avoiding to make mistakes that create more insecurity. I ask myself, “‘What do I want? Failure do to this fear or success because I am willing to take the risk?” If I make a mistake who will really care? I need to do something to “stir the waters”. If I do something thing will begin to happen and there is nothing better to eliminate a lack of self-confidence than some success.

These Three obstacles are online business killers. Work daily to avoid them. Once you overcome these three obstacles you can rest assured that you WILL SUCCEED!

Never Stop! There are really no problems facing you today that you are not capable of overcoming as long has you keep at it. If I can do it, you can do it.

Email Marketing Software – A Must For List Building

Email marketing is as old as the web. It’s a proven approach to marketing that will continue to work for many years to come. The fact that people want the information you’re sending them is the reason it’s so effective. This is why it’s known as permission marketing. In essence, your subscribers have given you permission to contact them by opting-in to your list. You have their full attention, because they view you as an expert in what they’re interested in.

The best way to get people to sign into your list is by offering a free download. As an example, you may want to offer an ebook download if you operate a business that sells products for gardening. The ebook could include info about building a green house, or tomato planting tips. Pretty much anything you feel a customer would be interested in reading about. After finishing your PDF, you would put an opt-in box on your site allowing visitors to subscribe to your list in exchange for the free download.

You have to see to it that your subscribers continue receiving valuable content, as your email list begins to grow. Many online marketers make the rookie mistake of flooding a new subscriber’s inbox with sales offers as soon as they join the list. This is definitely not the course of action you’ll want to take, if you’re looking to succeed in your business. List members will start unsubscribing if they feel that your relationship is not based on value. A great approach to take is to send good informative emails to list subscribers for the first 10 days after they opt-in. By implanting this step, you’ll find that your list will be more likely to react to purchase recommendations in the future. Then, by the time you’re ready to fire off a promo, your subscribers will be far more receptive.

Creating an autoresponder email series is the best way to ensure that your new list subscribers are engaged with ongoing content. First, you’d have to create 10 to 15 helpful emails that your new subscribers would fin useful. Getting these emails done is something that has to happen before your begin capturing email addresses. Afterwards, they can be setup to go out automatically to every individual that signs up to your list. That means you’ll be providing an additional 2 to 3 weeks of content to each person without even thinking about it.

Once you dive in to it, you’ll find that this is a very simple process. You have to remember that operating an email marketing campaign is not something that is done through a free email account provider like Gmail or Yahoo. You will need to open an account with an email marketing company. They will allow you to manage an unlimited amount of emails, and are very inexpensive. Building your opt-in box in order to capture emails is the first thing you’d want to do once you’ve signed up. Step two is setting up the sequence on those 10 to 15 emails that you have all ready to go. You can relax and let everything run on autopilot after you’re done setting up both of these steps.

Finding A Niche Market – A Business Opportunity For You?

As the saying goes, “nothing good comes easy” so it is with finding a niche market and securing its lucrative business opportunity. Fortunately, internet marketing techniques have been refined and simplified, so it is no longer difficult to understand. In fact, I provide links at the bottom of this article to resources to finding a niche market and building an online business. By applying these techniques, committing to the hard work required for follow-through and staying abreast of changes in the market, you can stake your claim in web marketing.

To begin, finding a niche market that will lead to success is best achieved when you find a product or service that you are passionate about, because no one will be there to oversee your work, or to motivate you to complete your tasks for you. The best source of motivation will come from things that you are enthusiastic about. Your passions will serve you like a carrot dangling in front of your nose to lead you on. When you become your own boss, why not engage in a business that you enjoy?!

When finding a niche market it is also a good idea to go after something that you have experience in. Coupled with your passion it adds depth to your devotion to your business, and becomes a catalyst for survival when the going gets tough. Another practical reason is that you’ll find it easier to accomplish one of the marketing techniques in order to promote your business, article writing. You’ll find it easier to advocate for products and services that you have knowledge about.

While passion and experience are truly helpful, finding a niche market that will translate to sales requires you to hone the ability to define that niche. This requires you to determine if there is a market for your product, to define keywords that will help you stand out from your competition, to understand customer’s needs about the product, and what you competition is in order to earn a share of the market.

Niche marketing will also introduce you to website development. This will serve as your main venue to inform and sell your products to customers. While this may intimidate many, with the proper tools it is possible to learn this trade along with finding a niche market, and defining that niche. Nothing good comes easy, and there are no guarantees, but if you are equipped with the right guidance and tools you’ll be able to build your own websites, and define and market successfully to your niche clients.

Internet marketing may seem challenging, but your success can come with niche marketing. It is cutting edge marketing as commerce is global and ever-changing, and not just fixed at your local malls. Having access to tools that keep pace with the changing market demands, and guidance from those who have the experience, are the items that should be added to your business arsenal. Be on the lookout for resources that will compliment your experience and passion for success.

Viral Marketing Strategy – Top Viral Marketing Methods

Viral marketing is a very powerful marketing method where thousands of companies use to supercharge their sales and bring more profit for less cost. Viral marketing is also known by it’s name “viral” to be able to spread across the internet like a viral infection. This will bring mass traffic to the company’s web site and possibly make more sale.

Viral marketing strategy is very popular among internet marketers to leverage the power of internet to reach thousands of potential customers in the quickest time possible. Internet marketers who use the top viral marketing strategy are able to reach over 100,000 prospects within the first 24 hours. This powerful technique are widely used on pre launch phase of a business.

Deliver Controversial Topic

One of the most effective strategy to get your business viral is by delivering controversial topic. Create a “buzz” on the topic matter by revealing a solution to peoples problem. This works well to make people realize that the problem affects them, and they should do something about the problem.

Another way to effectively deliver the topic virally is by video marketing. Professional business owner who are good at video marketing will give huge buzz using the viral marketing strategy because video spreads like wildfire over the internet.

Using Sharing Method

Another feature that helps to deliver your content faster is by using social plugin that can be installed on your website. One of the most popular method is by using WordPress. WordPress gives the ability to use some special plugin that will give readers the ability to share your content through social media with a click of a button.

Using WordPress is the simplest way to do viral marketing campaign as it lets you publish content and share it across top social media like Facebook, twitter and social bookmarking sites.

Giving Away Bonus

The best viral marketing strategy that is widely used among top internet marketing gurus is by giving away freebies. There is a plugin that let people get your bonus or download by sharing it to their friends in the social media network. This method lets you multiply your leads exponentially.

For example, 5 person downloads your bonus, and at the same time they will recommend the bonus to their friends. And their friends will also do the same, till your bonus will be downloaded by hundreds of thousand prospects. A lot of internet marketing experts use this method to bring in hundreds of leads to their business and skyrocket their sale each and every month.

To conclude, among the most effective viral marketing strategy is by delivering controversial topic, either by blog post or video marketing, using top WordPress plugin to let people share your content across the social media, and also giving away free bonus and downloads.

Five Digital Marketing Techniques in 2015

Digital Marketing has an effective impact on the users and as well as company owners. Every business, whether it is small or big requires a strong digital marketing implementation to reach out the customers and to tell the story of their brand in a creative, genuine, and visually-engaging way. Digital Marketing provides the wide opportunity to increase the loyalty by sharing the content and doing various methods like SEO, SEM, off line marketing etc.

  1. Search Engine optimization: For getting your search terms related to your business, you have to optimize the website as per Google algorithms. SEO is the best process to get numerous visitors to your website. SEO involves two methods – on page and off page. In on page you have to check for the architecture of the website, whether the code is implemented in the correct way; ALT tag has been implemented; H1 tagging has been done; Meta tags have been inserted or not as per the targeted keywords; Keywords research has to be done as per the relevance of the services you are providing. After on page SEO, you have to go with off page SEO – usually done for creating high quality relevant backlinks. SEO helps to boost the traffic on the website.
  2. Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing includes the paid marketing – Google AdWords, Facebook advertisement, Email Marketing, etc. For the search engine marketing you have to pay to a third party like Google, Facebook for running ads on the platforms. One of the most interesting new marketing techniques, retargeting (or Remarketing) tracks customers through cookie placement and continues to show them ads for products they’ve viewed in the past across a network of websites. As the technology for retargeting improves, flexible brands will stay on top of the trend to find ever more organic ways to raise brand profile.
  3. Social Media Marketing: SMM commonly known as word of mouth marketing. Biggest brand having their own social media marketing manager to manage all the profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. You should have a strong social media presence and well engaged profiles, where they are interacting with the users and providing the answers to their queries. Sales through social media platforms. New research, however, indicates that social media may finally be directly delivered the paying customers vendors have longed for are rising.
  4. Mobile Optimisation: It reveals that mobile access to the Internet has quadrupled over the past four years. The importance of mobile will grow in each and every aspect of business, online marketing included. People use mobile devices all day long and in various contexts, allowing marketers to target them in a longer stretch of time and during different phases of the day – at work, during rest or play. All agree that the popularity of mobile devices will only grow in 2015, driven by smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. You should have to optimise your website for the android, iPhone, or mobile users so that users easily can access the website on their mobile devices.
  5. Off line and content marketing: The brochures, newspapers and press release must be unique and informative. It should be posted in all local newspapers. Content marketing differs from traditional marketing tools in its resistance to overt calls-to-action or purely product- or service-based ads, and smart consumers have developed a nose for sussing out quality content from gussied-up advertising. Like a good story, good content is original, dynamic, and shareable. Truly effective content marketing uses an accessible voice to tell genuine stories that gain the trust of the consumer and build a positive reputation for the brand.

Ellen Reid Smith: My Inspiration to Roping a Kick Ass Internet Marketing Career!

Ellen Reid Smith brought the cowgirls of yesteryear to my attention in an incredibly inspiring book, Cowgirl Smarts, How to Rope a Kick-Ass Life.

The book was given to me by an old cowgirl friend of mine on a much-anticipated and well-earned camping trip. We were sitting at the campfire watching the embers of the fire go out as we finished up our lengthy conversation on the ups and downs, and ins and outs of our lives.

I was at a crossroads in my life and needed something or someone to give me something to hold on to. I needed to be inspired, but more importantly, I needed to be ignited.

“Here’s a book that is right up your alley,” my friend said, read it in bed, it will wake you up.” She handed me Cowgirl Smarts, How to rope a Kick Ass Life. Well it did more than wake me up. It jolted me into high gear.

From the moment I picked up that book, I knew my life had reached a pivotal moment. The wall of Jericho fell from around me. All my answers were in the palm of my hand in black and white in Ellen Reid Smith’s written words. I read it from cover to cover. I didn’t want the book to end. I wanted to read more and more.

To inspire and guide me throughout my life, I have read a library of self-help, inspirational and motivational books from the most brilliant minds of our times. I got a lot out of those books but they never grabbed me by the scruff like Cowgirl Smarts, How to Rope a Kick Ass Life.

Not only is it brilliantly written, it is captivating, innovating, motivating, inspiring and true.

Ellen Reid Smith writes about a group of individual pioneering cowgirls, who against all odds, with their cowgirl smarts, broke down barriers and succeeded in their quests. They had nothing but their intense desire, their passion, and their willingness to weather many storms in an era when women had no rights and were subordinate to cowboys.

Ellen then goes into detail about the lessons learned from each cowgirl in order for us to grasp the same principles, and keep on keeping on.

These pioneering women, just to mention a few for recognition purposes and to put their names before you include, Elizabeth Johnson Williams, Bertha Kaepernick Blanchett, Wilhemenia Mathews, Adele Von Ohl Parker, Fanny Seabride, Prairie Rose Henderson, Dora Rhodes Waldrop, Lucille Mulhall, Fox Hastings.

Why did they affect me like they did? I think it’s because they acted and elbowed their way in on our behalf. They made the impossible possible. They made it so we have no barriers.

The question now is who’s going to write about us? Having said that, then who’s going to take our place? We have more at our disposal than any of these cowgirls would have imagined. They would be riding high on the crest of a wave with the reins between their teeth in this era.

If Ellen Reid Smith were to write about us what would she write? Do we have enough material between us to put it in a book to ignite the women of the future? What’s our purpose? What are we going to do with our God-given intensity?

Perhaps we should work on that material and expect our names to go on into the next century for another cowgirl to pick up as she leaves a burnt out campfire.

Ellen Reid Smith, by researching and sharing the stories of the pioneering cowgirls of the wild-west has given me more than I would have possibly imagined. She thought me how not to be stopped. Thank you Ellen, I owe you one.

Niche Marketing For Beginners – Newbie Niche Marketing Secrets Revealed

Let’s talk about niche marketing for beginners or what is also referred to as newbie niche marketing.

Marketing in general is loosely defined as the opportunity to sell something to someone. A niche is a special area of demand for a service or product.

The essence of niche marketing is identifying a very specific audience with a very specific need and providing them what they want and are willing to pay for.

Niche marketing for beginners is a viable business model because, by definition, niches are less competitive and very targeted, so the work is in the research not the sophisticated marketing techniques.

Success simply requires the investigation of keywords and locating groups of consumers willing to spend money in specific markets. Newbie niche marketers can learn about marketing as they build their businesses.

Another great thing about niche marketing for beginners is that the advertising costs are much lower because the competition for keywords isn’t as high as it is in larger markets.

Niche marketers need to focus on providing unique solutions to their customers unique needs. A good example might be the specific niche of “miniature poodle grooming” inside the much larger market of “dogs”. Now I don’t know anything about this market, this is just an example.

You could have a million different products for the “dogs” market but the “grooming miniature poodles” market has very specific needs.

The challenge then becomes developing a product or service that stands out in that market. If you have a good product targeted to that audience, you can expect a high number of people to be interested and to buy.

People searching for miniature poodle grooming products have done their browsing and research already. They know what they want.

If you have determined that your niche market has enough demand, then your goal is develop a great product or simply find an existing product that you can market as an affiliate. How to determine demand is another topic unto itself, but it is not difficult or complicated, even for a beginner.

A fundamental truth of marketing is that people buy things that solve a problem, eliminate a fear, improve their health or make them money. There are certainly other things to understand about online marketing to be successful, but if you focus on this principle, everything else gets easier.

Successful niche marketing for beginners is driven by the ease of entry into specific markets with low competition and quality products or services that fulfill one of these basic human needs.

Another thing that can make niche marketing easy for new marketers is the idea of spying on your competitors. Nobody does enough of this.

Whether it’s pricing, product development, graphics or sales copy, other people have discovered what works already. All you need to do is look around and see what works and then figure out a way to make it your own.

What I mean is, you can’t blatantly just copy something, but you can take the core concept and make it unique to you rather than “recreate the wheel”.

Let’s face it, Burger King probably took a lot of it’s processes from McDonalds, because McDonalds was there first and was successful.

Niche marketing for beginners is a great way to start an online marketing business if you don’t have a ton of experience or a bunch of resources.

Online Marketing Business Opportunity – The Pure System

Have you ever been involved in an online marketing business opportunity that provided more headaches and near strokes due to all the money you lost from investing in this business?

Well, if so, welcome to the 97% of individuals who tried to launch a successful online marketing business opportunity, but with no avail. This constant failure has deceived many potential marketers into believing that internet marketing is no plausible way to make a decent living online.

One of the top questions I get from my subscribers is “How do I find an online marketing business opportunity that is proven to work?”

Well, before I answer that question, let me just share some info about myself.

Over 3 years ago, I became a failure at every online marketing business opportunity that I ventured into. I literally lost thousands of dollars due to terrible marketing and business decisions. I had so many failures, that I vowed to never venture into an online marketing business opportunity again.

Even though I made the vow, I still felt the pull and desire to discover more about this online marketing business. My inner conscience was telling me not to give up yet, while my pocket book told me to wrap it up and end this pursuit for good.

But I decided to listen to my conscience and see what I can find.

From my research and tests, I came up with 3 mandatory requirements that every online marketing business opportunity must have in order to guarantee solid success.

1. Must Provide a Proven Business Model

The online marketing business opportunity that you decide to participate in must provide an internet marketing business model that is guaranteed to place money in your pocket if you decide to put in the work. The business opportunity must have a model that makes it impossible for you to fail.

There are only a few online marketing business models that are known to provide solid income if you put forth the effort. Here is a short list of some of them:

– Building 100’s of content websites with Google AdSense

– Building SEO websites

– Creating your own information product and starting an affiliate program

– Collecting subscribers in a specific niche(email list)

– Starting a blog and making frequent posts

At least one of the business models above must be included in any online marketing business opportunity that you decide to pursue. Just applying one of the online marketing business models above will save you from a lot of heart ache and frustration.

2. Must Provide You Your Own Internet Asset

The great thing about the list of online marketing business opportunity models above is that they each provide you with a marketing asset that you personally own. A good online marketing business opportunity will give you 100% control of everything. For example, if you decide to tackle the model of building an email list within a particular niche, the database of subscribers are fully owned by you and you can do whatever you want with the database in order to make huge profits. You can sell and market over and over again to your list with affiliate programs. Or, you can sell your email list database to another party and earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars just from one transaction.

The list building online marketing business opportunity is the best in my opinion because of the enormous leverage and marketing power that you can create. If you want to learn more about this list building model via free online video tutorials, then just visit the resource below.

3. Must Provide Mentorship

Any online marketing business opportunity that you decide to venture into must at least provide a program where you can receive mentorship either for free, or for a small fee. It is near impossible to secure true online marketing success without having a mentor who can show you the ropes and prevent you from making crucial mistakes. For example, if you are interested in building AdSense content sites, you should either find a thriving AdSense publisher who is willing to help you out, or join a network of AdSense publishers that can provide the help you need in order to see gradual improvements in your business. A good thing to do is find out if there is a forum in your particular online marketing business opportunity. If not, then stay away from this business opportunity because you need as much help as you can get in this ever evolving world called the internet.

So I hope the 3 mandatory requirements helped you to determine which businesses to pursue, and which ones to run away from. Looking for these 3 requirements in every online marketing business opportunity will save you a lot of money. Just save your money, and apply at least one of the proven business models I mentioned above.

4 Real Life Tips for Starting Your Internet Marketing Business

I started my affiliate marketing business almost one year ago. This industry has proven to be challenging and extremely competitive. I would encourage anyone that is interested in making money online or starting a real home based business to investigate the income opportunities in this field. The Internet journey that I have been on since June of 2013 has been fun and exciting. The steep training curve and information overload made the process very difficult at times. There were many pitfalls. I made mistakes that might have been avoided had I been better prepared. I started thinking about what I would do differently, if I were to start over in the affiliate marketing world.

Here are four real life tips that can make the journey a lot easier:

  • Thoroughly Research the Business.

The Internet is chock-full of information about affiliate marketing. Almost all of the information is free. There are forums (Warrior, Greedy, etc.) and social network sites (Facebook groups, Linked-In groups) that anyone can join to learn about the business. Follow what members post in these forums and groups. Forum members can be quite generous sharing their knowledge with new marketers. Absorb as much as possible for a few weeks. Entire campaign case studies can be found in these forums. Learn what worked and what did not. It can be surprising how much help one can find there. Use the Internet to find reviews on products and courses that are for sale. Don’t stop researching. This is a necessity for the business to succeed.

  • Have Enough Money

New affiliate marketers often have the most problems with funding their campaigns. It is possible to market products on the Internet for free, or at least inexpensively. It takes a long time (sometimes years) to develop a responsive customer base exclusively using free marketing techniques. Eventually, paid traffic may need to be employed to see faster results. The novice should be prepared to lose money when starting out. Why? There are different costs to consider with paid marketing methods. Depending on the type of paid traffic used (cost per click, banner ads, solo ads, etc.), It will take more than one or two or ten or more campaigns to become profitable.

  • Talk to Other People and Get Involved

Networking is an important part of research. The new marketer should get involved in the forums and become a member if possible. Sharing the experience by asking questions and posting what has been learned is invaluable. The feedback received can be pure gold.

  • Use Good Tracking

Once there are offers to promote, affiliate networks and traffic sources to work with, the data needs to be organized and monitored. Tracking the performance of the marketing efforts is essential to productivity and profitability. A tracking system provides the type of reporting that can turn a money losing campaign into a money making one. The system that I use is CPV Lab. It does cost a few dollars and requires data hosting, but more than makes its money worth in the long run. Prosper202 is a very good free tracking system. Of course, it does not contain all of features and reporting that a paid system does, however is better than flying blind.

Starting an Internet business is not an easy task. As with any business, there is much to learn and much to do. Internet marketing is special. These four tips can help to take the pain out of the process.