The Importance of Website Design and SEO on Internet Marketing

The advent of internet marketing has opened the doors to a lot of people to make money online. However, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered in order to become successful in internet marketing. This includes a little background and knowledge about website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and how to maximize search engines in order to attract more prospects. An attractive and informative web design will entice your website visitors to return to your site in the future. Knowledge about SEO, on the other hand, will help you attract more people to your site and thus increase your chances of finding new clients. Mastering these two aspects will definitely help in spelling one’s success in internet marketing.

Web design involves a lot of aspects. Before, one needs to be knowledgeable about scripts and other technical stuff involved in web design. However, nowadays, there are several web hosting providers that offer web design software or applications for free. Thus, one will have the ability to learn the basics and come up with a professional and attractive website in no time. However, a good design will not mean anything if there are no visitors coming over to your site. This is the first step in establishing an internet marketing business. The next step involves SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO, on the other hand, is a totally different matter, and is more important in internet marketing. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are used by people all over the world to run a search relating to some information, product, or service that they are looking for. They can come up with hundreds or thousands of results, and being on top of the search results will definitely help in attracting more visitors to one’s website. Engine optimization means being able to meet the requirements of search engines in terms of ranking websites with a similar product or service being offered. This is the main objective of SEO – to be able to understand and implement techniques to ensure that your website will be on top of the results from search engines, and internet marketing success.

With adequate knowledge about SEO and engine optimization, one can get free traffic. In effect, this will mean more people visiting your site and more clients in the long run. More clients will mean more sales. When you are able to learn website design and become successful in SEO or search engine optimization, you will surely join the ranks of hundreds and thousands of people who have made it big through internet marketing.

Successful Internet Marketing Campaign – Kick Off With a Smarter Goal

When it comes to Internet marketing, it is important that you have goals in mind. This venture should be considered a business. Don’t all business owners have a plan as to what they want to do with their opportunity? A SMARTER Goal will help you to create your business using a system that will effectively promote the aspirations you have for your Internet marketing campaigns. Without the insight of a plan, you will be blindly hoping to make money and succeed, which can make it harder to achieve these two things down the road.

The SMARTER Goal has been developed to help all Internet marketers determine exactly what they want from their business ventures. Understand what you wish to accomplish can help motivate you to continue your efforts, even if the going gets tough. Each letter in the word “smarter” represents an area that you should consider before beginning your Internet marketing campaigns.


The goals you set for yourself and your Internet marketing ploys should be specific. You do not merely want to say, “I hope to be successful.” Instead, you want to set precise goals you hope to meet. It is also a good idea to give these aspirations a time frame. This will hold you accountable and allow you to meet the goal before the deadline. An example of a specific goal would be: “My goal is to begin earning $1000 in profit each month from affiliate marketing. I plan to reach this goal by January 1, 2011.”


The objective you hope to meet with your campaigns must be measurable. Simply hoping to “be successful” will not be beneficial to you. How will you be able to measure the success? There must be a time, money, or investment frame set on in order for the goal to be effectively met. In the example we used earlier, the measure aspect is the $1000 profit each month. Your earnings will tell you exactly when you have met this goal. Additionally, you will be able to look at what you have earned and know what you need to do to increase your profit until you have reached the goal.


Even if your goals meet the other criteria for a SMARTER Goal, you are setting yourself up for failure if they are not reachable. You cannot begin a new venture saying “I will earn $1 million dollars in the next two months.” It is extremely unlikely that you will reach this aspiration, especially if you are beginning a new venture. Instead, you should set realistic ideas for your business that you will eventually be able to obtain. The goals should be a bit challenging, but not impossible to meet. Continuing with our affiliate marketing example, attainable goals can be: “I will work on my affiliate marketing business 2 hours each day, 5 days a week. My primary methods of traffic generation for my website will be article marketing. Each day, I will submit at least 2 new articles to 10 article directories.”


The goals you determine to set must also be relevant to your business. If you are doing affiliate marketing using article marketing as your main method for traffic, you will not want to set a goal that deals with paid advertising, blog commenting, or other forms of marketing. You have to clearly define what you plan to do and what you hope to gain, but avoid letting yourself get side tracked with the many other options you have in Internet marketing.


As mentioned previously, it is important that the goals you create for your campaigns have a defined time frame. This will allow you to work appropriately in order to reach your intentions in a specified amount of time. Be sure to set a guideline that is possible to obtain with the venture you are using. Stating “by January 1, 2011” is a good example of a time bound goal, as you will have between today and that date to reach the goal you have proposed.


When reviewing your goals and the progress you have made, be sure to stay excited about the business you are in. Congratulate yourself when you earn your first dollar, first $100, and other firsts that you will complete. Try to think of how many times you see the disappointment in your son’s face when he wanted something that you could not afford with your present income, imagine them jumping around the house when they receive the WII from your hand out of the blue. Think of how happy your parent will be when you bring them to a holiday in Japan. If only a goal is emotionally attached to you, there is a much higher chance that you will not quit easily in your journey of seeking internet marketing success.


Once you have set your goals for Internet marketing, write them down and place them in a place where you will see them every day. Read through your SMARTER Goals at least once daily to keep your intentions fresh on your mind. Review progress periodically and if you find yourself progressing well, do more of what works and if you find yourself falling behind, find out what you have probably done wrong or not enough, ask for help or pump in extra resources to catch up with your progress.

Follow your goal you set, you will see your first commission come in for sure!

Do Your Internet Marketing Articles Meet This 5 Question Test?

If you ignore the five essentials to effective  internet   marketing  article writing, you may as well not waste your time. Article writing is a powerful tool. When done well, it will attract a lot of eyes and back links to your web site. Do it poorly, and your results will be meager.

1. Does your title attract the right reader’s attention?

Ideally, it should let the “right” readers know the information in the article is for them, and it should intrigue them to at least take a look. The goal of a headline or title is to get the reader to read the first line. If they don’t, your article fails its purpose.

Specifically, you want to catch your ideal prospects attention. A too cute title may catch a lot of attention, but if the people attracted aren’t candidates for what you are selling, in the final analysis you are just wasting their time. So while you want to be provocative, focus on that which would be appropriate for your specific audience.

Once you have them reading your first line, make sure it’s powerful enough to carry them into the first whole paragraph and beyond.

2. Is your article properly focused?

A good  internet   marketing  article is succinctly focused on one topic. That topic may have multiple parts, but they are all specifically tied to one idea. As internet marketers, that idea should be a single Keyword or Keyword Phrase.

People will search for articles in article directories by keyword, and so you want them to be able to find your article. When they publish your article, you want to get back links to your web site based on that keyword. Thus it is imperative that you decide specifically which keyword you are trying to rank for, before you write the first word.

It goes without saying that the keyword and the article should be directly related to the site you are referring people to, or again you would be wasting everyone’s time.

3. Have you effectively used your keywords?

If possible you should include your keyword in your title. This will resonate with people who are searching for articles on your keyword. But don’t force it. Your primary objective is to get people to read your article. Including the keyword is a distinct plus, but not mandatory.

You want to use the keywords as often as possible within the article, but again don’t overdo it. Too many  internet   marketing  articles are overstuffed with the keywords to the point that they don’t read well. So rather than trying to meet some artificial keyword density, concentrate on writing a readable article but do try to use your keywords wherever appropriate.

4. Is your content worth reading?

Provide your readers with value. If an  internet   marketing  article is to get picked up and republished elsewhere, it will be because it caught an editor’s eye and delivered content worth sharing with their readers.

People respond well to facts, figures and statistics as long as they are not overwhelming. Anecdotes and stories that make a point enliven articles. Rather than adding a lot of adjectives to an article, focus on your verbs. Active verbs and a positive message are always welcome.

5. Does your resource box deliver?

The goal of an  internet   marketing  article is to drive people and robots to your website. Your resource box is therefore critical to the success of your article. If you are not allowed to include anchor text in the article itself, it is essential that you do so in the resource box. Repeat your keyword and link it to your target site. But do so creatively.

As much as possible, develop your resource box as a continuation of your article. If it flows as thought it were a continuation of the article above it, a larger portion of your readers will read it as well. And then be sure to include a call to action. Let your readers know what step you want them to take.

If you have been able to hold their attention from start to finish of the article, it is only logical that they will want to follow on to the next step, by visiting your web site, blog or take whatever additional step you desire.

If you write you  internet   marketing  articles with these five questions in mind, you will be rewarded with lots of traffic and back links to your web sites.

Small Business Internet Marketing Keys To Success

There are really two secret keys to success in small business internet marketing. And if you don’t do them, you can pretty much forget about ranking your small business website on Page 1 of Google. It’s not just about building web sites and expecting people to get interested. Generating prospects for your small business through internet marketing will only work if you work on ranking your small business website articles on a regular basis. And I stress ‘regular basis’… it’s not a one-time effort.

‘Keywords’ – The FIRST Secret Key To Getting on Page 1 of Google

The key to any successful small business internet marketing nowadays is the careful choice of keywords for your articles. Choosing the wrong keywords is the No.1 reason why your small business website is not ranking on Page 1 of Google. You’ll never become successful if your keywords attract millions of searchers. If you sell shoes, there is no way you can go head-to-head with or any other huge company in the shoe business. You’ve got to look for a much smaller “niche” in the entire shoe industry.

For example, maybe you can use the keywords, “pink stilettos”. These keywords called “long tail keywords” or “keyword phrases” will immediately get you further up the search engines than by simply using the word “shoes”. Google’s Keyword Tool is ideal for newbies to find underrated phrases or long tail keywords.

By entering the phrase “pink stilettos”, Google will tell you how many searches were in the past month for that phrase, both globally and in the U.S. If you would like to conduct much more in-depth keyword research, there are a number of other programs you can buy. We use Market Samurai as our primary keyword research tool personally so we do not waste any of our time going after keywords that we have zero chance in ranking for in Google.

Now once you have done your keyword research for your small business internet marketing, you’ll have to pay attention to the results it returns and pick which keywords you will be targeting for your articles. If a keyword returns around five thousand searches a month locally, that is actually perfect. Whether you use local or world search numbers is dependent upon the product you are promoting. The No.1 goal is to be on Page 1 of Google or the other search engines. It will take lots of endurance and some work to get there, but the reality is… that is where the money is.

Remember, if you are NOT on Page 1, then all of your efforts is really just a waste of time.

Google likes regularly updated web sites. So for your small business internet marketing, you’ll have to constantly update your website articles to be Google friendly.

So it is vital to your small business internet marketing efforts for you to continuously improve your skills in writing 500-word articles. Here’s a tip on writing your articles… your article should be rich in keywords, but too much will actually hurt your rankings. Your keywords should be used within the first and last paragraphs of the article and should be found at least once every hundred words within the body of the text. About a 1%-2% keyword density ratio is just about right.

Now there is a second major key you really need to implement in order to succeed in ranking on Page 1 of Google. And many small businesses do this the wrong way, and unknowingly they sabotage all their small business internet marketing efforts. I discuss this 2nd key in more detail in my blog. Just click on the link in the resource box section below… see you there!

Internet Marketing 123 – The 7 Keys to Success

Internet advertising business models are endless. I am going to focus on the following:

1. Sell and or advertise someone else’s product.

2. Build a website specifically for the purpose of selling advertising space for your or others product.

Sell and or advertise someone else’s product


You are paid a commission for every product you sell for the company you choose to market for. How does this work? You create advertising that your prospective clients will see. When they click your AD for the product, they are sent directly to the sellers SELL page. One model is called being an Affiliate. It is the same as being paid a commission in the physical brick and mortar world.

Basic procedure

1. Research the product you want to promote. Be sure to promote quality products. I ALWAYS buy the product I am promoting ahead of time. Is this required? No. Speaking for myself, that has proven more profitable for me in the end. I only promote products I would or do use myself. Remember you are a sales person, know thy product and know it well.

2. Think of an appropriate domain name

3. Create a FREE account with an affiliate marketing processor like clickbank©This is how the proprietor or seller of the product you are advertising for knows who to give credit for the sale. This is how you get paid your commission.

4. Register a domain name for ten dollars or less. Park it, set it to forward to the SELL page of the product you are promoting. I personally use 1 and 1 © hosting services for buying domain names. I have tried more than ten of the major hosting companies for this purpose and 1 and 1 simply has the most intuitive process for registering a name. You can register a domain name with them in less than 6 minutes. 

5. Go the extra mile. You can also take it a step further if you like. Create an actual web page that your prospective customer will land on. Again, I use 1 and 1 for creating product promotion web pages. They have intuitive wizards and templates to build your site. You can create a basic page in 20 minutes or less for $4 dollars per month they will host it. They even have FREE hosting if you prefer. Remember you get what you pay for the end of the day.

Once the prospective client is on your site, it is up to you as to how you want to pre-sell them further before they go on to the main SELL page of the product you are advertising.

Selling advertising space on your site:

Concept: The goal with this model is to drive people to your site. The term you likely heard by now, “drive traffic”. This is your first challenge.

Basic procedure:

1. Register a domain name

2. Choose a web hosting company

3. Build a website

4.Devise a technique to drive traffic to your site,

5. Place relevant advertising for products that the people visiting your site “should” be interested in. There are many dozens of major web advertising companies that will help you put dynamic advertising on your web page for FREE. Google Ad sense© is the largest and some argue the most cost effective. It is also the easiest that I have come across to use and setup. You are simply paid when someone clicks on an add that Google© placed for you. READ that again. Once you set it up, you do nothing more than collect money from Google©per click.

Site promotion Basics

1. Post a summary article or eBook summarizing your site on and other sites like it. Ezine gets the most traffic.

2. Buy your own pay per click advertising. I use Google AdWords©. You only pay when someone clicks the ad bringing them to your site. You write the advertising your customers will see. You set the limit on how much you are willing to spend. I find that even 5 dollars can bring significant numbers of people to my sites.

3. Do some good old fashion grass roots advertising. Window flyers, business cards, lawn signs, give away items. Sounds antiquated, but it is effective.

There a many dozens of other ways to advertise your site that you will discover below.

Principals and keys to success:

1. Do your research. The more information you have the stronger your advantage over the competition. Remind yourself of this when you come up with a great idea but then realize lots of other people (sites) are already doing it. Remember the first bullet. Quality. Can you improve on what the competition is doing or offering? Very commonly in most niches there is room for significant improvement.

2. The “virtual” Internet world follows same basic laws of capitalism as the world of physical products.

3. Quality sells; but more importantly quality product will sell repeatedly

4. Quality traffic to your site is key

5. Wise investing of your advertising dollars is very important. You will get free advertising dollars when you create a site with an internet host like 1 and 1. When you get good at this you can reasonably expect to turn $50 of advertising with Google’s ad vehicles alone into $1000 or more in sales

6. You don’t need to be the 801 pound gorilla in your category or niche and you don’t have to have the least expensive product. It helps to have the best one, but even if you don’t, you will make sales.

7. You need only an incredibly small fraction of 1% of the  Internet   market  to be profitable in this business. The fact the Internet is so vast and visited by so many millions every hour makes the sky the limit for motivated Internet advertisers like us. I can’t quote the growth rate of the Internet. Look it up while you do your research if you need any motivation to get started NOW.

Remember that being seen is the name of the game when you advertise online.

Where to find FREE how-to’s on this topic online?

Basic internet searches.  You will find nuggets here and there but as you know by now, the majority are simply other people selling products by using one of the two categories you just learned about above. Again you will find nuggets. You found this useful did you not?  This page is but a small nugget.

Ebooks. Free ones and ones you pay for. If you are considering buying one, just make sure the information contained will be worth it to you. eBooks can be outdated and you may not realize it. Not until you take the time to try what they teach you.

Article sites



Physical books I have read and like both the Idiots and Dummies books on Internet advertising. Just be aware that even a book written this year, is already out of date the day it is published.

Paid membership sites:

I have found these to be by far the greatest source of relevant, timely, tried and true methods and strategies available today. My time is worth a fair amount of money these days. Paid membership sites, the good ones, offer focused, organized information that is easy to absorb and will give you immediately actionable results that directly maximize your profits.

Five Commandments For Newbie Internet Marketers

If you are new to internet marketing, take a deep breath and pause for a while. May be, right now your mind is cluttered with the thousands of false promises, hype-filled blatant lies and innumerable free reports, audios and videos that you obtained after surrendering your email id only to bombarded with more such things on a regular basis.

May be you are lucky enough to start with this article before you get into anything else. That is a remote chance but I would not overrule that.

I have been receiving questions from people who are absolutely new to internet marketing, who have just learned to open their emails. Based on my own experience when I was a newbie and based on the questions I receive I have worked out some self disciplining rules.

Here are the five commandments for you:

5. Stop Taking Sales Letters Seriously

When I just started out online I was swept away by every promise made in every sales letter. They all create such a wonderful picture of me flooded with cash without doing an ounce of work. ‘No skills needed, nothing complex, come to me and I will make you rich, overnight!’

Many of the sales letters told me what I could do with the money I earned, how I can spend it. Why are they filling up their sales letters in rosy pictures and imaginary utopia? The features of the ebook, software or package they are trying to sell me cannot fill in more than 0.01% of the sales letter.

Stop Falling a Prey to ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scam Sites

I strongly advice you not to spend money on each and every product or service that is sold online.

I would NEVER want you to waste money on ‘get rich quick’ scam sites.

If they say ‘pay me $10 today and you will earn $1000 tomorrow’ – pause and think – why would they sell it to you in the first place? Would they not be making that $1000 themselves?

Ask them if they will allow you to join them on credit and after you earn the first $1000 they take the initial amount you are supposed to pay. Find out if anybody will do that for you.

What such people usually do is to tell you – ‘no need for a product, no need for a website, no skills required and you can earn through data entry or survey’ or whatever. Once you pay the required amount and join them, they would ask you to send a similar email to others. If anybody is caught you make money and they make more money using you. You have been cheated and to earn it back you have to cheat others.

Instead if you invest that money in your own domain name and webspace you can earn online in a variety of ways.

4. Stop Selling Your Soul For Freebies

I strongly advice that you start learning how to do things using the free tips and resources available online. But beware!

Why are they giving you something free? What do they get in return?

Will they give you anything free if they have nothing to gain?EVER.

So you get a free report, audio or video. The Internet Marketer gets your precious email ID. If it is not like selling your soul, it is at least like selling your kidney.

It would be better for you to sell a piece of nail, you have cut off and are going to throw away anyway rather than sell your kidney.

Keep a special email for downloading free stuff. You should be able to confirm your email ID to download the free stuff. That is all is needed. Do not give your personal email ID and flood your inbox with sales pitches.

What can you give in return to the internet marketers who gave you some good stuff? Post a comment on their blog, post a review of it on your blog and spread the word if the stuff is really good. But do everything to protect your mental peace. And that is going to be disturbed if you do not have two emails, one for personal use and another for signing up to offers.

3. Learn From Every Experience

Many people, I know, are only earning through viewing ads for $0.01 or $0.0003. Of course, this is not going to pay much. But how can you learn through even this activity? You can note the features of the websites you visit. You can pause and think what appeals to you as a visitor and what irritates you. This can help when you start with your own website.

You receive an email or download a free report and that is trash. You download another report with great content. How do you feel in both circumstances. That can teach you what you should do when you have your own list of subscribers.

If you set your goal and look at everything you do from that point of view, you will find some valuable lessons even in the most unexpected places.

2. Do Not Make ‘Teaching Internet Marketing to Others’ as Your First Online Business

Many people on my list want to start online by teaching others how to earn online. They have collected some tips from others, may be downloaded some free reports and now they think they know what to do. They know what to do but have not done it themselves yet. It is dangerous for the one who teaches and the one who learns from that person.

Do not try to teach others ‘How to Make Money Online’ before you have earned money online yourself. Do not try to make money by telling others how to make money, by passing on ideas copied from other internet marketers.

First you earn money online through legitimate means, learn from the experience and then if you think you have the ability to help others make money, go ahead and teach others.

Choose a niche where you can make money. And start your online venture. As you go through the process, note down the problems you faced, the solutions you worked out, etc. You can develop the notes into a full course later, after you have made a lot of money in that chosen niche.

1. Treat Internet Marketing as a Serious Business

Move on from being a freebie loader – Real Business Needs Real Investment. You need to invest first in a domain name and webspace.

You can start with a blogger blog or other free webspace providers such as geocities to start with. But then you cannot hope to earn much just by doing this.

You can learn through free tips and resources online, but they will take you only a little distance.

I am not contradicting myself. I do not think you need to buy each and every product that comes along. Develop evaluative skills, know yourself and your needs, assess the products and services and invest your money wisely.

When you start a shop, offline, you would need to spend money on a number of things such as rent for your shop (add land and building cost if you want to own it), products you want to sell, notice board and other advertisement related costs, staff if you need help, etc.

In the online business you need a domain name and website – it costs much less than the shop rent and is nothing compared to the land and building cost.

You need products and services to sell – You can get resell and affiliate products to sell until you create your own.

You need to spread the word – you can generate traffic through free and paid means.

You may need to outsource part of your work as your business grown – this is like hiring staff in your offline shop.

So if you want to start an online venture take it up as a serious business, play the game safely without falling a prey to others and avoid the temptation to get rich quickly by misleading others. There are more commandments you need to know but these five are crucial.

Growing Your Business With Internet Marketing in the World

As a business proprietor, you know that one shot of the keys to an efficacious year is promoting your business. No matter what size your business is, online marketing and promotion require acting for the addressed. Advertising has turn into a daunting reaction with the rising number of online start-up businesses. Now, along cloak the usual offline marketing procedure, well-qualified is lots of online marketing tools and procedures available. Online  Marketing  is also intimate as  Internet  promotion, framework  marketing , and web publicity or e-marketing.

Adept are several profits to marketing your business online. A recent e-Marketer body sites that “in the wake of the global financial downturn, vendors global are changing more of their capital plan into discounted, more-calculable categories. Effect most cases, that part online.” Your marketing working is only so big further online marketing care extends it even farther for you. Radio and Television spots are costly, printing expenses whereas corporate and haul brochures are costly and usual mailings price not only in supplies and postage, but deplete the impression as well. Why not express fury clients to your website owing to what’s what on produce and services? Your website is your catalog, a marketing apparatus available 24 hours a day to potential clients. Your income velocity will increase point your costs reduce.

Offline promotion ads for newspapers, Radio and Television are due to a young time also you bread for the situation slit and space. Credit online marketing, your advertisement potentially can continue up longer and more time you end up prosperous less. Using article marketing, you could either write an object yourself or pay someone else to turn out it. When that entity is spread online, it keeps on the Internet to an article directory whereas populous senescence. For a plain sailing cost, you’ve located a marketing proposal that stays around indefinitely pointing prospective clients to your website and your produce and services. Compared to usual marketing or email marketing, telemarketing, costs mortally little. These targeted messages bequeath go forthwith into the houses and offices of your probable or existing customers.

The Internet allows people from unbroken owing to the world to manage business with each other. From new puerile e-Marketer article, in 2009, more than 70% of Americans are online users. They’re not secluded checking Twittering and e-mail; they are shopping owing to produce further services. With traditional media, your ads are restricted to a unconditional provide for a limited time. When you promote your process by online, you arrive at larger viewers than you would ever be effective to resolve otherwise since your marketing plan is not restricted by location. Deeper punch client’s always figure further sales opportunities.

Online marketing permits you to goal exact demographics such as location, age, gender and earnings levels and hold numerous cases permit you to follow the behavior of these groups because they network with your online marketing. Indubitable can also bring a john henry promotion to life in a new way. This unique purchaser missive bury your brand can influence emotional links to your discipline. Instead of a energy talking to a client, your customer blame work together cloak and familiarity your denomination. This is intellectual John Doe advertising. You can manipulate people at the perfect point – their time, well when they are looking being information, comparison shopping further possibly buying.

Online marketing power includes newsletters, email, blogs, microblogs, affable media sites etc. All of these outlets have the strength to be alert. An ad placed in a magazine or newspaper can’t be other until the next version. Secrete online marketing you’ll identify plenty rapidly if a campaign is working and you rap convert phrasing or graphics and modify manufactured goods information to match changing tout situation. Online marketing sign you to exchange a shopper to a customer instantly. A probable customer reading an established newspaper ad does not have the expertise to click a mouse again purchase your tug or service immediately. Offline marketing engages additional time besides money to change a shopper into a sale.

The Internet also removes any conjecture from measuring campaign resolution. Using web analytics you incubus calculate the number of visitors that a campaign brings to your website, how long they settle and the average number of pages they visit. This special intelligence along with the flexibility, permit you to progress the conversion of your campaign and to exalt your return on investment.

Online ads permit direct take after. Clients can click to notice more about manufactured goods, sign spread for a newssheet or RSS feed, or give blessing right then and well-qualified. This leave mark sense mount a database for you, which, with electronic mail advertising, will consent you to end to connections who have already expressed an interest fame your essay or service. And online marketing allows you to vouchsafe to anyone, anywhere further at any time. You’re not restricted by time, geography and stage considerations.

 Internet   marketing  includes strategies such due to try engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), article marketing, blog marketing, online broadcasting, etc. marketing services. While these strategies may seem daunting at first, with a little research, you answerability use some of these tools to second you optimize your website besides gather web traffic. Or, if you have it mark your budget, there are companies that specialize in many SEO services. There are many benefits to both online and offline marketing. A mix of the two might be just what your business needs to grow.

The Three Levels in Their Internet Marketing Group Training

In this article, loan purchase dental practice adviser Ed O’ Keefe will share to you about the three levels in their internet marketing group training. The loan purchase dental practice adviser will give you an overview on what these three levels are in their internet marketing group. And the loan purchase dental practice adviser will also give you an in-depth look on what these three levels has in store for you for the success of your dental practice. And this is something that the loan purchase dental practice adviser focus specifically at their dental practice website!

The three levels of Ed’s Internet Marketing Group Training:

As a loan purchase dental practice adviser, I, with my colleague Lloyd Irvin, has created three levels for our internet marketing group training: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Now, let me explain to you each of these three levels for the training.


The first level is going to be Level 1. In this level, we’re going to take in 49 people. In here, as a loan purchase dental practice adviser, we’re going to be doing one live training, coupled with three more masterminds. So you’re getting four mastermind sessions throughout the year. Plus, you’re going to get monthly calls, Q&A calls, and training calls. And then you’re going to have access to the mastermind and all these things.


The second level is going to be Level 2. This is going to be a higher level, wherein we’re going to only take 25 people in because there are certain things we’re going to promise to this level. There’s going to be a weekend long seminar that we’re going to do this special training on a unique niche in internet marketing that nobody (and I mean nobody) knows about! We’re going to do a whole $10,000-weekend on this topic alone. It’s called a “$10,000-weekend because Lloyd and I, as a loan purchase dental practice adviser, are going to be offering that weekend to everybody else to attend that one weekend. We’re charging $10,000.00, if not $12,000.00, for a three-day training. The other thing is that this level is going to get the same thing that Level 1 is going to get, plus this levels going to get a bonus weekend with Lloyd and I in Vegas so you’ll get to see how Lloyd rolls; how he does everything “VIP highest level stuff”! In this level also, you actually have an opportunity to be what Lloyd and I are going to call “mini-partners”. Now, a mini-partner is somebody that if they have an idea that they want our assistance on, they will have an opportunity to apply to become a mini-partner with Lloyd and I. As a mini-partner, Lloyd and I will coach you to give you guidance and introduce you to the contacts that we might have. We’ll teach you strategies that are highly advanced that the rest of the group might not be ready for because they are not there yet. But if we think you’re ready to blow this thing out, and you want us to become your partners, you’re going to learn how to do that and well coach you. Plus, there’s a ton of other bonuses!


The third level is going to be Level 3. In this level, we’re taking only three people in. This level is going to be a level where we’re going to do a “full-partnership” with people. And here’s the thing: You don’t do a thing! You have to come with the “magic number three”. You get to come to the table with three good ideas; and these are three valid ideas that Lloyd and I agree we can blow out and create a million dollar business out of and at that point we’ll see if we agree on our terms (that’s a “win-win” for everybody), and then he and I, as a loan purchase dental practice adviser, will do everything for you. Now, I must tell you that this level is not cheap. This level is going to be $100,000.00 per person level, plus partnership and fees. So, this is only for people who are committed to take everything to the next level! And you might say “Well, a hundred gran is way too much money…”. Well, I can tell you right now that you can take a hundred thousand dollars and go buy a million dollar home, and that thing’s only going to appreciate by 8 – 10% over the next ten years; so you put a hundred thousand and you might make a hundred thousand back over the next 10 years. What we’re sharing with you is you put a hundred thousand in and possibly be on the road to making millions over the next 20 years! So, the return of investment is “gazillion” times more than that!

Match Internet Marketing Opportunities to Your Life Choices

Some Internet Marketing opportunities are very close to being “set and forget.” The Underachiever strategy for marketing information products, promoted by Frank Kern and Ed Dale, is a case in point. Once an information product is written, the selling web site is up with all payment issues handled by a 3rd party, and pay-per-click ads are bringing traffic, there is relatively little to do. Similarly, anyone building quick-and-dirty web sites for AdSense income has a similar opportunity. In contrast to content-rich theme sites that may be lovingly nurtured and grown over weeks, months or even years, these sites can be created in hours (sometimes minutes!), “activated” as far as the search engines go within a few days after very little work, then effectively abandoned … to gain traffic momentum over the months with the free search engines.

But many other opportunities demand a serious commitment of time – at least, unless you are prepared to outsource much of the work.

For example, while eBay does not have to be this way, many people selling on eBay end up in a situation where all the tasks involved in operating the business represent a commitment equivalent to a full-time job. What sounds easy on first glance can involve researching opportunities or products, finding sources or products, even making your own products (information products sold on CD’s, for example), taking or finding photographs, finding or writing product descriptions, putting the final ad together, placing the ads, answering bidders’ questions, packing, shipping, dealing with returns, dealing with payment problems, and so on. It’s still Internet Marketing, of course, and potentially very lucrative, but this can become hard work.

Other types of Internet Marketing opportunities demand you go back regularly to update websites to reflect changes in product or technology so that your sites are always current. This is a common problem with some affiliate marketing sites where there are many links to individual pages on merchants’ sites; while these might offer better conversion rates than links to the merchant’s home pages, these links need to be constantly checked and updated because merchants have a habit of changing products (or even just the specific web pages on which a product is offered).

Some opportunities call on you to respond quickly and consistently to questions from prospects and customers. These might be questions asked by people considering buying your product – in which case you certainly don’t want to make them wait; or, questions by frustrated people having problems downloading a product they just bought from you. The longer the wait, the higher the frustration. Then there are issues of refunds, questions about billing, and many more situations (sometimes just plain dumb questions) that demand the personal touch – at least, until you are large enough or confident enough to hire others to handle the administrative side of the business.

One of the most effective Internet Marketing strategies is of course to maintain a list of people interested in your product or the topic in which you are a specialist. For many marketers, this list IS the holy grail; everything else is just a means to build it. That’s because a good list can be like gold; a captive audience of people who already know and trust you. But there’s no question, it can take a serious commitment of time and effort to maintain and service such a list effectively. Now, if all you do is e-mail to them occasionally with a half-dozen lines and an offer to buy some affiliate product from you, that’s one thing; sure, the commitment is minimal but in return you can expect a high drop-out rate and poor conversions. But if you put together a valuable and interesting newsletter with good formatting, grammar, spelling and content, one designed to develop a solid and lasting relationship with the people on your list, you’re not talking about just a few minutes a week. If you want the most effective use of a list, this demands consistency of timing, too. So you not only have to commit time and brainpower, you have deadlines to meet, too.

One of the issues that had me kicking myself initially was my shotgun approach to building AdSense sites – I built sites that had very little to do with each other. All the Internet marketing experts agreed that if all I was doing was slapping AdSense on those sites, and not collecting Opt-in e-mail addresses, then I was throwing away an income far larger than the one I was making. But there was simply no way I could afford to maintain and effectively service a list for every site if I was to do it justice in terms of establishing a value-based relationship with the people on the lists. Sure, I could have thrown something together, and I know some marketers do exactly that, but that’s not really my style. An anonymous site is one thing, but an e-mail from me, with my name on it, has to represent something of value.

Still on a personal level, I suppose I should also be happy that for once, my daughter is actually listening to me! Now she’s into Internet Marketing and building her own sites she is sticking to a common theme for a whole group of different sites. This means that a carefully written single newsletter can be applied to everybody on the List developed from ALL the sites in a group, because it’s relevant and valuable content to every site in the group. There are also valuable SEO advantages from having a group of sites ( a mini-net) on a common theme, of course; the extra traffic means more visitors, which means a bigger List, … without requiring any increase in time committed to the newsletter. When the Affiliate-based income from the List dwarfs the AdSense income, this Internet marketing strategy is the key to some serious coin.

Solutions for your Business: Denver Web Design and Internet Marketing

Internet marketing and web design go hand in hand. The web allows the whole world to find out about a certain product or service through online advertising. So, it’s only natural that marketing strategies and the appreciated Denver web design companies are very popular nowadays. Since a pleasant web design is necessary for any website that wants to attract customers, it’s not wise to avoid personalizing your business when working online. You shouldn’t fear the web just because of a few tricks you haven’t found out about yet.

There are a lot of people that don’t know their way around the information superhighway. One thing you should know about this great world wide market called the Internet is that it offers a lot of possibilities and the chances to sell information grow if your packaging is attractive. Denver web design and Denver internet marketing are indispensable for a successful business. Providing visually appealing sites, Denver web design puts your site in front of the competition. The information you present on your site can be very useful, but the web design matters just as much. Clients first come into contact with how your business services are presented. Their first impression is not formed by the formal articles that appear on your pages. Denver web design knows this and they provide professional help. Using cutting edge tools, designing easy-to-navigate sites, making user friendly pages and keeping in mind that the business has to be promoted, Denver web design creates exactly what your customers look for. They do their job in a wonderful manner because they are experts who want to please not only you, but your clients as well. So, you see, web design is the first step in making your business a popular one.

You probably remember visiting other websites and recall enjoying only some of them. Did you ask yourself why? Could it have been the web design? Their brands haven’t faded from your memory. They were easy to spot, yet they did not bother you. Their custom web design was better than what you usually see. You especially liked the flash videos. Although the wonderful colors did not distract you from the information you were reading, they had a special charm. You felt safe and everything worked smooth. “The pages load easily”, you thought. You don’t like to wait and this site seemed to know it. The site didn’t know it, but the people that worked at it knew. Denver web design wants to make your business work by itself. If you want your customers to remain as pleasantly impressed as you did, then a Denver web design is a wonderful choice. You can even have your corporate identity synthesized and your standards of communication set. Web design allows your business to transmit a certain clear message to your clients: “Please visit our site again!”

After you succeed in offering the best to the world, you have to make your business known. Search engines display hundreds of sites to the interested clients that look for certain services. How will they find you? This is where internet marketing comes in. There will be lots of questions you will ask yourself, but Denver Internet marketing can be the answer for all of them. If you need SEO, advertising, link management, banners, affiliate marketing, local marketing – shortly said traffic – , then you need internet marketing. Because there are so many options through which you can gain publicity, you will need a strategy, people to work for you and to manage this sort of problems. Denver Internet marketing offers alternative methods and puts web experience in your service. You can have several advantages because, having internet marketing done for you site you will be able to profit from illustrated brochures, business cards, letterheads and artworks.

So you decided to use Denver web design and Denver internet marketing. What do you start with? Getting informed, of course. Try to find out which service provider is best for you. Any appreciated Denver web design or Denver internet marketing company has itself a well developed web site. Their promotion can inform you on how well they promote others. Internet marketing is their job. Their business survives because of the traffic they provide for themselves. Is their company among the best? Is it popular? Is it advertised? These are questions that will tell you how well they know internet marketing. The first encounter with their web design should talk about their services’ quality. Is their site pleasant? Does it attract you like those well made sites that you can’t forget? Is it elegant or stylish? If you think the Denver web design company you chose has talented people, then you can work with them without worries. The same goes for the Denver internet marketing providers.

You know better than anyone how you want your business to develop, but the Internet is full of proofs that you need a Denver internet marketing strategy. You can’t afford failure and you have to admit online competition is fierce. Choosing an online Denver internet marketing company and giving your business a new face with a fresh Denver web design will surely promote your services as being quality ones.