Internet Marketing School and Why You Need It

Assign your  internet   marketing  business each possible benefit you can. Opening out a business is in no way as simple as one would plan and internet businesses are no exception. You can have the best product in the the human race and still have difficulties getting your product up and running on the web. There’s a lot you possibly will have to gain knowledge of to be winning at  internet   marketing  and your  internet   marketing  school can be simply the very point you need to ensure your triumph.

 Internet   marketing  courses appear in a extensive variety of selections to cover almost any aspect of  internet  networking or  marketing  you can need. Having a booming internet business involves more than having a impressive product or being an enterprising entrepreneur. You need to gain knowledge of the correct strategy to not only do useful advertising to bring customers to your site but, more importantly, to keep them there so they aim to accept, return and refer others to your location.

Like several other business, being triumphant at your  internet  venture involves knowing  internet-marketing  basics from the ground up.  Internet   marketing  training will teach you everything you need to know to be successful as well as but not limited to:

– Email marketing strategies

– Lead Generation Both Paid & Free


– Personal – Development

– Video marketing

– How to be run your business

 Internet   marketing  courses present you the opportunity to learn at your own march while still being shown with instructors accessible each time you need help in learning. They’ll teach you every step of the way towards learning all you need to know to not only start your internet business but to retain it online and make it a gigantic triumph.

Every business entrepreneur has what they considers their effective points and the areas where they feel they need more help. While one may be able of designing a web page, they can also lack the skills and experience of lucrative marketing. Another person may obtain a lot of experience and learning of the most booming methods of advertising but lack some other area of expertise required for a winning network business.

Online  Internet   marketing  training courses are special in that you can take as little or as many courses as you feel you need. You’ll allow your top-drawer of individual courses. Whether you’re brand new at  internet   marketing  and trying to get happening or have been doing this for a while, there’s always something you can gain knowledge of about network marketing. New-found methods and techniques are developed every day and you want to stay on top of every one modern method so you can stay competitive in your field.

With internet businesses becoming so admired in our day, you’re going to want each potential advantage. Don’t let your competitor get the upper hand on you because they’re further informed on new accessible techniques or advertising ethics. Whether it’s advertising your services online, writing articles, learning on the subject of  internet  auctions or affiliate  marketing  you want to learn, you’ll get hold of an wealth of outstanding  internet   marketing  schools available to you.

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Prosender – A Comprehensive Review

There has been an auto responder program that has been serving many for the past ten years in their various business email marketing platforms. Prosender, being known as a Mike Filsaime product, is sure to carry cutting edge integrity and quality. For those who are not familiar with Mike Filsaime, he is the popular author of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript which Prosender is a part of the software packages of Butterfly Marketing.

All around the globe, a huge number of internet marketers are using Prosender having known for the impressive reputation and credibility it has established in the market. This auto responder software is packed with all the appropriate business email marketing tools which can help anyone gain full control over guest sign ups and then proceed to the limitless sending out of mails through emails and newsletters. One of the reasons why this auto responder has gained some immense demand to the market is because of its functionality and simplicity. With a deliverability rate of as much as 99.34%, your business email marketing platform with Prosender won’t have emails taken back to you as it allows you to get through a lot of those firewalls.

Prosender is also approved by agencies in compliance to spamming requirements with you email being officially legal. Business email marketing may be a bit irritating for many people, especially those who are included in your list and who serves as recipients of your daily mails, but with this auto responder, they are given the freedom to opt out. This feature keeps you from handling those unfriendly reports that people would give to you for sending unasked mails.

There is not an expert fully engaged with the World Wide Web tools that does not express a good opinion for the use of this auto responder intended for business email marketing. There have been studies that show why most people have to receive to around seven mails first before finally responding to your message. Hence, the need to send out a number of mails each day emerged for your own message to stand above the rest of the bulk. And of course, to send out seven mails is not at all easy for the average person since it can be seen as time-consuming and perceived as a task that could easily burn you out. Nevertheless, Prosender auto responder can do this all for you.

Prosender helps your business email marketing to be invariably around, reminding your clients of your openness and desire to have them be a part of your business. Remember that the highest purpose served by these auto responder programs is that it runs after your potential clients without you wasting time thinking on how to execute it and gives you more opportunity to plan on how you would grow your business in many other ways.

Prosender allows space for every user to personalize their business email marketing platform with this auto responder’s fifty-one templates that one can choose from to customize every content sent out. It has a plug-in feature that helps the user to create opt-in forms that gives people a choice to opt-in to your mail list. With Prosender, you need not have HTML knowledge, when you can just point and click and follow directions systematically for you to come up with your own pop-ups and other standard forms. What is more amazing about the pop ups of this is that it cannot be easily blocked and hence your email address will not have that beatable appeal.

There are many ways towards personalizing and customizing your emails to your own preferred choice. You can tack together newsletter messages with additional features such as open rate tracking, attachments, RSS, split testing, and name personalization, all for free of charge. This auto responder software has an integral HTML editor that makes you just point and click and at one instant lets you have the extra effects you want to be included in the body of your mail. You can also choose a kind of special subscription form that you think would suit best your various customer base categories. For example, there are some subscribers who are not so fond of the pop up features whenever they receive mail. In the main content of your mail, you can easily personalize each message by including different styles of greetings and even avail of their ebooks or helpful pdf attachments, which are offered through a limited time only. Not all auto responder programs offer the same.

Do you want your mail to have easy, convenient payment system included? This auto responder can be incorporated with PayPal and other popular payment operations. With this, your subscribers can start doing transactions right within the mail. Another major benefit of Prosender is its impressive control panel, which allows its users to add subscribers easily with twenty-five various fields, which you can use to help define each subscriber. Prosender even allows you to export your list if you want to use it for other applications.

A notification will be given to you for every new subscriber that comes in. This auto responder has this ability to identify details like the IP and website address where the subscriber came from. In an automatic mode, you can also capture geographic data like Latitude, Longitude, Area Code, DMA Code, Postal Code, City, Country, State, etc. It can also prevent you from sending out to the prospects that you not likely to market to.

You need not be troubled too about tracking the results of your business email marketing platform using this auto responder program when you can view the reports through email or real time online. Better news is that you can even know the results on a per click basis for a certain campaign. You can have these reports exported directly in Excel sheets.

Unlimited, is the best word that can greatly describe Prosender. With this auto responder, everything is unlimited! From unlimited number of mails, unlimited campaigns, and follow up messages – everything is unlimited with this generous software!

Charts, statistics, and graphs can also be accessed with Prosender to help you have a view and be able to clearly monitor the activity of your business email marketing, whether on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This feature can help you track mails which are undelivered and those which went through successfully. You will also be able to detect which subscribers are compensating and in what specific country, state, city or location these wonderful subscribers are from.

With a dependable customer support team, which is available to serve you and attend to your needs and inquiries 24/7 through phone and chat, Prosender is available for a one-month subscription rate of $19.95, three months for $54.85 and a year for only $179.40. Prosender also comes with free videos and a self-help manual to guide through the process of business email marketing. And just in case your computer crashes dead, you need not worry about losing everything for you will never lose that mailing list if your auto responder program is Prosender.

The Prosender Autoresponder program is offered with unfeigned money back guarantee if they fail in helping you build up that list of subscribers and convince site visitors, you are sure to receive your refund, with no questions asked.

Bring Alive the Retro Experience With Internet Radio Networks!

The electronic world of the 21st century offers multiple entertainment options. But nothing evokes the retro feel as much as the radio. There was a time when radios were the only source of entertainment. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note the popularity of radio even today. However, this medium of entertainment has undergone a sea revolution in the present scenario. Internet radio is the latest gift of technology to mankind, catering to a universal range of tastes. It’s quite possible that your once favorite local radio station has already started streaming its broadcast signal on the Internet! However, most of us are hardly interested in moving from one website to another to listen to our favorite shows.

The pleasure of station surfing is undeniably great. For this, use of internet radio networks or aggregators is advisable. Shoutcast, Live365, and Yahoo LaunchCast are some of the renowned Internet radio networks. A streaming audio player in your laptop or desktop PC is required to receive Internet broadcasts and for the functioning of radio networks. Once the player has been installed, browse through the station guide. The innumerable radio stations will simply leave you spoilt for choice! Celtic music, Anime-inspired games, bluegrass, Hawaiian music, Broadway themes, UK Garage electronica- the options are endless!

Radio channels accessible via Internet radio networks are derived from a variety of sources- over-the-air AM, FM and shortwave stations around the world. A number of these stations exist solely for Internet broadcast and are even commercial-free in contrast to the long commercial breaks on over-the-air stations. Besides, network station guides display the name of the current tune being played. You can even search for your favorite artist or music genre to sort out a list of your favorite numbers.

Internet radio helps you to relax even at work. This application runs in the background without disrupting your daily load of work. So listen to music or an interesting discussion while going through your emails or when brainstorming with your spreadsheet. Internet radio networks have even made possible customization of your radio experience. Several networks allow members to create their own radio dial and dashboard. Constant innovations are being introduced in this stream, thus making your experience even more eclectic. Internet radio has succeeded in reviving the retro feel, but with a difference!

How to Make Your eZine Work for You Long After It’s Published

If you publish an email newsletter, do you convert the issues to HTML and archive them on your website? If you haven’t been doing so, you should start now, today.

“But the free mailing service I use already archives them.” you say.

That’s great! That means the search engines will find that many more links to your site online. But it is worth the effort to put them on your website also. You can do it simply and quickly.

First, here are three good reasons why you should take the time out of your busy schedule:

1) It shows your subscribers and potential subscribers that your newsletter is a vital part of your service to them. Isn’t it worth preserving for posterity?

2) Your newsletter will contain many keywords — those subjects for which people and consequently search engines often search. If you submit them to the search engines, they’ll draw traffic to your website. You can create an index page for them and put them all in their own directory, or even put them on their own domain, and submit it to the search engines and directories as a stand-alone online business resource.

3) Advertisers love the fact that their ads will live on. Statistics show that website visitors read archived newsletters fairly regularly. That is especially true if you add a search function to your site so that your archives may be searched by subject.

Here’s how to do it:

It should take you at the most about 15 minutes to convert your newsletter from text to HTML. Most of that time is spent in coding the many URLs to make them clickable.

There are many text editing software programs that will convert text to HTML quickly. Some HTML editing software programs will do it also, with a single copy/paste action. One great and free text editor is NoteTab Light. If you don’t have it, you are missing a great resource. It works with text and HTML both, does almost everything but slice bread, and it’s free! No ads and no nags. (There is a low-priced Pro version that does even more!) Here’s where to get it:

We’ll use NoteTab Light for our illustration. Got it installed now? Okay, open up your newsletter in NoteTab Light.

On the toolbar at the top, click on “Modify.”

On the drop-down menu, choose “Document to HTML,” and on the menu that pops out, choose “With Paragraph Tags.”

Save the resulting document with a .htm or .html extension. If you want the page width to conform to the reader’s web browser size, click search and remove all the BREAK tags. Add a title, meta tag description and keywords, and upload it.

Now you have a resource for your visitors and a draw for the search engines, and all for only a few minutes’ work. Stick some Google AdSense or your own ads on the page, and you also have a money maker!

CPA Marketing Tips – What You Don’t Know About CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is a very popular way to make money online. But just like with anything else, there are a few things you should know if you truly want to maximize your earning potential. The first tip I would give you is to learn the basics. Find a mentor and follow their lead. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Don’t just jump in head first without acquiring a little bit of knowledge. That’s a quick way to lose a lot of money fast.

The next tip I would give you is to research a few CPA networks before you actually join. You see, there are thousands of CPA networks out there and new ones pop up everyday. Some of them are honest while some of them are not. You don’t want to get caught up with a company that doesn’t pay. So take a few days to do a little research. Read what others have to save about various networks.

Trust me, this step alone could save you a lot of time, frustration and money. And you also want to always be searching around and looking at different networks. Because what you will often find is that most networks have the same offers. The only difference is some will pay more. Of course you want more money for your effort right? So don’t just settle for one network. Join several and compare offers.

And last but not least, make sure you are always watching out for expired offers. Things change everyday in the world of CPA marketing. So you want to make sure that once an offer expires, you replace it with a new one. Otherwise you will not be making as much money as you should. Some networks will email and let you know when an offer is about to expire, but others won’t. That’s why it is always your responsibility to check on every offer you are promoting at least once a month, maybe even once a week. That way you will know you are always safe.

Strengthening Your Sales Funnel

The question is, just how effective are their sales funnels? In the simplest of terms, a sales funnel can either make or break your sales process because it has the power to change your prospect’s perception of the service or product in question.

It can influence how your prospects feel about a product or service to the point that they feel they simply can’t live without it. On the other hand a weak sales funnel can result in the prospect simply losing interest halfway and abandoning the entire process without eventually ever reaching the end.

Therefore, since a sales funnel involves a series of processes, it’s imperative that you eliminate any weak links in the process. And here are some tips to help you do just that:

Generate Interest

The key here is to generate and maintain their interest in you, your product or service the entire time. Without interest, then there is no reason for them to follow you or to listen to what you have to say. By being interesting, they will follow and listen because they WANT to.

Being unique in a good way is also a great way to be interesting. Become unique by offering what your competitors are not or presenting your business in such a way that it makes it attractive and memorable. It’s also okay to throw a funny line or a joke here and there from time to time as everyone appreciates good humor at the appropriate time and place of course.

Adopt a tone and approach that are different from competitors in your industry or niche. Give them interesting things and they will definitely stay interested with you. The goal here is to be interesting enough for them to stay with you for the entire sales funnel process and even beyond.

Make Them Feel Special

Remember the feeling when someone actually made you feel very special? Who doesn’t like that feeling of being special? Everyone does. And if you can do the same for your potential prospects, it’s certainly going to perk their attention and interest up.

You cannot treat your potential prospects like a common audience. You need to address them on a more personal level and you also have to make sure that they know it too. A great way to create a good first impression and to instantly make them click with you, is to offer them something that they can immediately relate to. Something that they are familiar with.

The best way to do this is to understand them, and when you understand them, you will know their desires, wants and needs, and at the same time you can offer solutions to their problems. People are always on the lookout for solutions to their problems. If you are seen as an answer to their nagging problems, then they will definitely grow more trusting and loyal to you, and your brand. And thus be more receptive to your sales funnel.

So be sincere and genuine and always send them a message that you are all about serving your customers, and your business is all about working towards their overall betterment and well-being and that your business is medium to help you to help them. Make them feel special and they will be much more appreciative and valuable customers in the long run.

Creating The Need

Your prospects will not purchase anything when they don’t feel like they need it (or want it). The good news is that you can create that need. It’s all in the mind, and if you can list out the subtle benefits such as emotional benefits that your prospects stand the change of gaining and experiencing when purchasing the product or service, it makes them feel like they need it. A feeling that wasn’t there before you pointed out the emotional benefits.

Emotions are a very powerful tool in marketing but your claims of course must be true to their word, and it has to be related and logical to whatever it is that you are marketing or promoting.

Likewise, sometimes they do not feel that they may not need the product or service at the current time. And they will get around to it at a “later time”. So creating a sense of urgency such as limited-time discounts or limited-number of slots or products left will create a sense of urgency that compels them the “need” to take action now to take advantage of the current offer before it is too late.

Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations

Everyone wants to have the best experience when doing business with someone. Be it the best in being treated, product and service delivered as promised, best price or best value.

In short, if you can be the best in every aspect of your business when it comes to dealing with your customers, then you are going to exceed their expectations, and that is going to make a very lasting impression. One that will resonate with customer’s acquaintances who in turn will be potential prospects as well.

You should already be treating them like your valuable customers, even if they haven’t even decided to buy yet. Because sometimes, great customer service is a good enough reason for a potential prospect to be convinced to buy.

Always make it easy for them to contact you. In fact, encourage them to do so. Furthermore, offer them plenty of options that they can use to contact you in addition to the regular phone and e-mail contact. Options include services such as Skype and also IM. Remember to answer any of their questions and queries promptly and professionally. The selling process begins long before the product is even sold.


Everyone loves free stuff. So what’s the best way to back up your claims of your remarkable product or service by letting your prospects to actually try it out for free! Action speaks louder than words and when they can get a sample of it, they can experience it themselves. If it meets or even exceeds their expectations or is truly satisfied and happy with the product or service they will definitely pay for it.

If it’s a monthly service, letting them try it out early on, there will be higher chance that they will subscribe to an annual subscription. If it’s a product, there is a high chance that they will order multiple orders of it.

Letting them try out the product or service for also shows that you are confident in your product and service thus putting some of the fears of doubts that many first-time buyers might have to rest.

These are just some of the more powerful ways to help solidify your sales funnel into a prospect converting process. However, there are other equally important areas of your online business to focus on such as traffic generation.

Because without traffic there will be nothing to convert in the first place and on the other hand, without a strong sales funnel, all the traffic will just be wasted if they can’t be converted into actual customers. So learn to recognize all the other important aspects of marketing and constantly work on tweaking and improving them and thus turning your entire online business into one smooth money-making machine.

25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

For any business or an organization, the most important sign of success is the increase in profit and revenue. This is only possible when it has more and more customers using its products and services. Bringing traffic to the website may seem like a challenge sometimes, but not when you are using online marketing techniques and strategies effectively.

Listed below are the best 25 ways to increase traffic to your website:

1. Use advertising: There are various advertising ways that have been generated to bring more and more traffic to the website, like paid advertising, display ads and social media advertising. Before putting your money into any of these advertising channels first set your objective as to what are the requirements to build your brand online. Ensure a strategic visibility of your website on the internet. You can also invest in commercial intent keywords to get more traction and conversion to your site.

2. Socialize online: The beauty of social media channels is that it allows you to interact with your regular customers and interested customers on a personal basis. Ensure to know which are the important platforms for your customers. Twitter is useful in sharing minimal and smart content, Pinterest and Instagram bring traction with showcasing the images of your products.

3. Mix and Match: To find the right result there is no set formula to achieve a successful result. It is good to play with your content and develop a good content strategy, decide which and what content is to be shared on social media platform. Ensure to keep a track of it and analyze it regularly, it will provide you the relevant information regarding as to in which direction your business will grow.

4. Compelling headlines: Social media content is about simple written yet catchy headlines. A good headline is effective to communicate with your target customer, otherwise many blogs are lost due to the lack of compelling headlines. Before finalizing on a headline write at least 20 to 30 lines and choose which you find the best.

5. On-Page SEO is important: Content optimization is of extremely important, this is how the web crawlers will find you and how it to the world. Learn and know the basics of on-page optimization, ensure to use image alt text, use right and popular keywords that your customers are looking for. SEO also helps in the organic growth of the website.

6. Long tail keywords: It is one of the important aspects of internet search. Therefore, learn more about it, find out what your customers are searching for. Long tail keywords cover up the major part of the search engine, hence, missing out on them is missing out on the customers.

7. Guest blog: It is good to do guest blogging on a good website as it is helpful in generating traffic to your website, also builds your brand too. If content is a problem then taking help of content writing services is indeed a good option.

8. Inviting guest blogs: Invite guest bloggers to your website to write, this is helpful since they will share your content on their website. Ensure to have the high-quality content on your blog otherwise it may attract being blocked from Google.

9. Check for referral traffic: Try to find for the create a content which may find its place to be backlink. Learn more about the kind of content that works for the referral traffic.

10. Share content on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is platforms for professionals, share or post your content there, it brings back more traffic. Remember, that to post the content regularly.

11. Use Schema Microdata: Using them does not necessarily bring more traffic to the website but ensure that the search bots are able to find your website.

12. Internal links: Link your content and pages internally. Connect your website pages with one another. This is good for SEO purpose as well as for a better user experience.

13. Interviewing thought leaders: Connect to the thought leader within your industry and interview them. Their name and credibility will boost the traffic to your website.

14. Focus on email marketing: It is one of the powerful tools of marketing if used correctly. It is good to plan and keep on updating your customers about the newly introduced products on your website.

15. Make sure your site is responsive: Make your website user-friendly for multiple devices, where users can see and connect them on a go.

16. Page loading to be fast: Ensure that the technical aspects of your website, like image size, page structures, and plugins are optimized so that the page loading is quick.

17. Create a community: Connect to your customers on a personal basis, respond to their questions quickly, start a conversation on various social platforms. Create a community and keep up with them.

18. Use comment section wisely: Join the conversation happening on other websites in the comment section, it may not result in immediate referral but helps in building the brand.

19. Analyse your data: Understand Google analytics and ensure that you analyze the data shown by it on regular basis, keep a track of it and make changes accordingly.

20. Be active on social media: Use social media effectively, share your content there on various platforms, connect with people and create interesting posts for social media platforms.

21. Use aggregator sites: Submit your content on sites like Reddit which can be useful for the Redditors, prevent yourself from spamming the page since these are strong communities which can easily find out the spammers.

22. Incorporate videos in content: Videos are an easy and quick message to look at when compared to text content, share interesting video content which can be related to your website.

23. Competition analysis: It is important to learn what your competitors are doing, analyze what they are up to and doing things to generate traffic by using BuzzSumo. Hence, create a more effective strategy that can step up against your competitor.

24. Webinars: If relevant to your business, then ensure to host webinars since people of similar interest and knowledge come together and share information which each other, it also invites to the people who would like to know and learn more about your product.

25. Go to conferences: Attend the conferences relevant to your industry, people and network with them. It is best if you can be a speaker at one of them.

These methods will certainly help you generate traffic to your website. Ensure that you use permutations and combinations to find the best solution.

Multiple Streams of Income Your Ticket to the Four Hours Work Week Holy Grail

In this article, I share a talk with one of my daughters. She is now at her mid-forties and awaking to the fact of not having a saving and investing program working for their future. A situation similar to many other people

She is a hard worker and now is doing well, but getting closer to the reality that stops working will also stop her income

Up to now, she trades working hours for money and nothing yet is set, to keep her present lifestyle, if she quits her job, which demands 9 to 10 working hours daily

Surely, you heard that if you want to get rid of the trap of trading money for working hours, staying on the left side of the Kiyosaki’s quadrant is the wrong place to be.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with a salary, for your work hours, but note that if you want to control the wealth creation process you must move to the right side of the Kiyosaki’s quadrant by being a business owner and investor.

My advice to my daughter was to structure a saving and investment plan. A plan that brings a comfortable retirement and gets back the freedom gone by just working too many hours

The saving and investment plan anchors the creation of multiple streams of income that keep pouring into the bank account no matter if you stop working

The system once set, works like a well-oiled machine, keeping the lifestyle they want for them and the family

As you can imagine, the talk went to a how to subject, and the question was Dad how can I do all it, you are telling me now? Right then, I thanked God for all the things I learn by myself or through others.

My mind went into overdrive mode, and back to my days as a stock market investor, day trader, MLM, farmer, machinery, construction manager, project director.

In addition, traveling and working in countries around the world knowing other cultures and their people besides having a personal passion for improving and being a better person.

Well, enough about me… let me continue with my daughter talk. Hope you find this info useful for you too.

Since I am fond of finding in the books all I want to know about a subject, I told my daughter to read and practice all that is in the book Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G Allen

The book is a primer for those that need to harness the wealth creation process. It covers all corners, walking the reader through many options to learn the concept of seeding money and make it grow and bless you greatly.

The book Multiple Streams of Income sets the basis for changing beliefs about money and help the reader to become a benefactor of many world’s causes that maybe you want to change for building a better world.

The reading of this book teaches you how to earn lifetime multiple income streams; you learn 10 specific ways to earn the extra income streams.

The kind of residual income that flows into your bank account 24 hours a day no matter if you are sleeping or on the beach

In addition, the beauty of this system is that you can do it:

• in a part-time basis

• working from home

• little or none of your money

• few or no employees

• simple proven system that work

Concisely, reading the book expose to the nitty greedy of the wealth creation process. Which teaches the ins and outs of the big money masters of the world.

However, I have not gone into all the strategies that the book explains in detail so that you know what and how to activate them and benefit from the multiple streams of income process 24/7 in your life

If this article, activates the wealth creation process in your life, please help others do the same giving feedback

Facebook Groups Vs Traditional Forums – Pros and Cons

Driving traffic to your website is often a big part of posting anywhere on the internet. While online forums and Facebook are both great places to post and attract that needed traffic, there are vast differences in each venue.

While posting in both will benefit your business, knowing the way each works will help you get all the traffic you can handle.

Best Part of Online Forums

The best part of online forums is that there are so many of them catering to any and every topic one can think of. Most forums let you add a signature whenever you post; this puts your website or blog info all over the forum. This is a quick and efficient way to drive traffic to your pages.

Facebook is also a great place to find potential customers. Every day on Facebook feels like a large party, with lots of folks discussing a variety of subjects.

Both Beneficial yet Both Different

With over 1.25 billion users around the world, most people understand why posting on Facebook brings traffic to their website or blog. Starting your own Facebook group is easy to do and can be done in less than 5 minutes. Creating a Facebook group page is no different from creating a personal Facebook page.

Running an online forum is different from just posting on one. Although anyone can learn to create a forum, it is best to have someone with experience help you get started. While you won’t reach as many people as you would on Facebook, you will reach those people who are most interested in what you have to offer them.

Because forums are “rooms” for discussing specific topics, like-minded people enjoy discussing certain topics, niches or markets within each forum. Your post and replies are always available for others to read.

People on Facebook tend to post a lot more than they do on forums. Even if you ask a specific question, people have a habit of going off track. People will discuss everything and anything on Facebook. As this happens, your well written post falls off the screen and no one is going to scroll to find it.

Facebook Groups Free

Creating a Facebook group will cost you nothing but time. Unless you know how to create your own online forum, hiring someone to help you is going to cost you a bit of money, but will ensure you that the job is done correctly.

Although creating a Facebook page may be easy, you really have no control about the rules and regulations that Facebook can change at any time. If you dislike a change and complain, you might find yourself with a closed Facebook group.

You Are in Control of Your Online Forum

However, once you have your forum set up, you are the boss. You can choose to sell ad space to make money, or leave ads off your site.

All rules are created by you, so you need not fear your forum will be shut down if you don’t like the way things are going: you simply change things.

Both Facebook and online virtual forums offer you advantages and disadvantages when you create your own content.

The difference between the two may be as vast as day and night, but both offer your business a simple way to generate traffic to your website or blog.

After all, driving traffic is why you post to begin with. Take advantage of the opportunities each has to offer – you’ll be happy you did.

E-Business A Convenient Business Methodology

The literal meaning of the term, “E-Business” is Electronic Business, which had been derived by the Think Tank of IBM Ltd. during the mid nineties in India. Electronic business is one of the most convenient modes of business conducted over the Internet. E-Business is one of the boons of the technological revolution in the country and it has taken the entire industry by storm. It is not only the large corporate houses and huge multinational companies that have taken up this dramatic methodology of conducting business, it has also spurred the medium and small scale industries as well as entrepreneurs to adapt to this radical type of carrying out business. The transition of the conventional method of carrying out businesses from the confines of the premises of an office and ware houses and limiting it to the comfort of a person’s residence is overwhelming. An E-Business provides an entrepreneur a farther and wider reach and therefore increases the client data base manifold in comparison to a business operated from a physical location of an office.

There are several factors which determine the success of any E-Business. One of the significant factors lies in the selection of the appropriate and latest computer hardware and software, which have proved their worth in allowing a person to run his business independently and make it a tremendous success. The entire use of both information technology and communications spell a successful business. One of the basic reasons for conducting E-Business is that the internet is one of the main conduits to a global trade. E-Business opens new vistas as well as wide horizons for an entrepreneur, who is contemplating to make global presence. The systems adopted through E-Business provide companies with the unique advantage of connecting their internal as well as their external data bases with the utmost efficacy. This connection lends the entire business with a cohesiveness and flexibility to interact with the suppliers and other partners enabling them to meet the expectations of their customers, who are the end users.

A gamut of processes is involved in the operation of E-Business which runs across the entire value chain. A value chain comprises of electronic purchases and management of the supply chain, electronic processing of customer orders, managing customer service and extending total cooperation to business partners. A host of software is presently available to carry out an e-Business successfully. The software offers dependable solutions at the same time including permissions for integration of intra or inter-firm business processes. The Intranet, Internet and extranet along with the usage of the web or a combination of these allows an entrepreneur to carry on his business effectively. The progression of data exchange between different companies is smoothened through the availability of special technical standards for E-Business. It is through the widespread use of the internet technologies that can possibly turn around any type of business to become a resounding success in terms of productivity and profitability.

A Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a process that is deemed to be significant in the management of the delivery of goods from the supplier to the purchasers. It is also considered to be as a process required for the optimization of a firm’s internal practices essential for interaction with suppliers as well as customers to usher products into the market in an efficient manner. The role of a Supply Chain takes care of the prediction of the market demand, procurement and outsourcing, warehouse management and inventory control, distribution logistics as well as other disciplines. In cases where the Enterprise Resource Planning fails, the Supply Chain Management takes up and becomes a terrific success. However, the Supply Chain Management Systems requires the database of the Enterprise Resource Planning to precisely predict inventory levels. A robust SCM encompasses the optimization and systematic organization of the operation and tactical information and techniques internally and in between these two processes. The Supply Chain Management is closely associated with the enhancement of business processes and value in every corner of the widespread enterprise starting from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. SCM has the capability of using E-Business concepts and web technologies to elevate the organization’s operations. The tactical methodology unifies all the phases in the business cycle from the initial stages of product design through procurement of raw materials right up to the delivery of the end product to the customer.

The functionality of E-Business is often deemed to as E-Commerce and the generalized terms are at times used in conjunction with each other. E-Commerce is usually considered to be buying and selling through the Internet, yet it is essentially carrying out business online. It is due to some software programs that have the capability of running the main functions of an E-Commerce website that constitute showcasing of products, online ordering and management of inventory stocks. These software programs reside on the server and perform in juxtaposition with online payments methodologies through processing payments. A typical E-Commerce takes into consideration Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Extended Enterprise Computing to be the emerging value chains. In the US economy, E-Commerce plays a major role since it helps companies with several levels of current business transactions besides formulating fresh online business avenues mostly global in content.

There are several aspects of E-Business where besides purchase and vending of products, there are other areas pertaining to the conservative business. When a vendor sells a product to a customer, he is also required to provide after sales customer support which is one of the salient parts of a business. The usage of the chat facility on the internet unfolds a vast area of online conversation thereby dispensing with the use of the telephone which saves valuable time of both the vendor as well as the customer. It is one of the most convenient methods of communication with customers, especially when it comes to technical support.

One of the facets of conducting E-Business is using the internet for procurement of goods and merchandize in wholesale or for raw material for internal production usage. This part of the business is known as e-procurement and offers vast chances to drastically cut down costs. E-procurement is an integral part of E-Business and several E-Businesses are using the E-procurement method without any physical storefront. This has proved to be a far better method of managing and tracking the purchases made by the entrepreneur. During the past few years, it has been observed that practically all kinds of businesses have transformed into E-Businesses. There is an increasing trend in E-Businesses which could be attributed to the rising popularity of the Internet technology which has proved to be the window to the world. The internet coupled with the ready made solutions through software along with the repetitive portrayal of the advantages of the growing technologies has paved the path for E-Business. In the present scenario, there is a growing belief among people to reduce paperwork and maintain a paper-free office without maintaining any files physically. The extensive use of the internet in the modernized techniques of e-mail or electronic mail, personalized websites and chat actually eliminates the use of letters and memos which were at one time the archaic form of conducting business. An email listing or a central server can prove to be a far more efficient system for dissemination of critical information to all employees rather than distributing paper sheets as copies for each person thus reducing valuable time. One of the most significant features of E-Business lies in the area of faster distribution of information which has become its forte besides elevating businesses to an international level at the bare minimum cost and in a reasonably short time.

It would be pertinent to mention that Internet as a separate entity provides the maximum efficacy through convenience and maximum speeds. In the present market conditions, a customer always demands reliability products and precise information in a manner that is fast and easy. E-Business using the internet at the center of all business dealings assists a company to become more customer-friendly besides bringing in a far more efficient interchanging of information on both merchandize and support services.

One of the advantages of E-Business is that it eliminates the limitations on acquiring a physical location as well as availability of the concerned person. In fact, physical locations are limited by size and only those customers who are able to visit personally. On the contrary, E-Business brings over a global market at your doorstep with customers and seekers of information waiting in a queue. It is not mandatory for a person to be located in a particular place since any type of business transactions may occur at any point of time on any day, 24 x 7 types of services from any place across the globe by access through the internet. E-Business has certainly brought a turnaround for businesses and has proved to be beneficial especially as far as the reduction of escalating costs is concerned. There is no requirement of a physical location and payment of leasing or rental costs when compared to maintaining an online site. In any conventional business, it takes time and money to complete various procedures which are removed and these tasks are fulfilled through electronic processes that are considered to be easier on the wallet. It is far cheaper to send a direct mailer through an email list of 100 people by sending a single email copied to all these people and coming to evaluate the cost of paper, postage and staff it is nothing. Customer satisfaction takes the center stage when it comes to E-Business.

The internet has proved to be one of the most potent channels to reach fresh markets and communicating with customers and business partners which creates a better comprehension of the requirements of each of them thereby revolutionizing customer satisfaction. In E-Business, customers are bound to receive personalized service and effectual communication capabilities. Faster response times are the order of the day with flexibility in hours and availability through online support which is only possible through the internet. Customer support services form a significant part of E-Business which involves a fast delivery cycle on sales and reinforcing a mutually fruitful business relationship with customers. Undoubtedly, E-Business provides entrepreneurs with a leading edge over competition since internet has broadened the horizons of E-Business. Since competition on E-Business is also showing an upward trend due to the expansion of the internet, inordinate delay may result in loss of business since easy access to actual information is one of the main benefits of internet. This access allows a company to provide authentic and efficient information thereby gaining advantage over those who are missing the bus. In the present day’s market scenario, a shift over to the current trends is proving to be more beneficial and should be taken in the stride since inability to move as per the norms of the market would be a far bigger risk to take.

While there is a plethora of advantages of E-Business, however, there are certain disadvantages too, which any entrepreneur must not ignore. One of the major risks involved in E-Business is security since online traders manage and store vital and sensitive information. Ultimately technology is a resource of protecting smooth transactions of E-Business. It is the responsibility of online traders to handle clients’ confidential information in a safer method since information at all points in a chain is highly prone to attacks of hackers. Clients when feel that the information is not protected move on to other online stores. This involves higher investments in providing security features and encryption of information all through the transaction to prevent hacking from both internal and external sources. In order to attain total optimization of services at all levels, it becomes mandatory for any E-Business enterprise to keep abreast with the times and incur costs on upgradation of the computer hardware and software, updating of websites and imparting adequate training to personnel to manage the business efficiently leading to heavy expenditure. While a large number of businesses have benefited from E-Business, the food sector has not found it to be appealing, since food as a commodity is a perishable product and over time starts getting stale. A majority of the customers prefer to physically shopping at a mall to purchase fresh food products. Prior to setting up an E-Business, an entrepreneur must understand the ins and outs of the business since any misunderstanding of the term E-Business could easily lead to a disaster. There are times when the key word technology itself leads to a failure since it requires money to be invested in updating and maintaining a website.

In E-Businesses, strategies play a significant role in providing a much better and effective management of the supply chain management which would ensure an excellent cohesion between the retailers and wholesalers of diverse types of merchandise. It would also assist in a better quality of amalgamation of the supply chain starting from the initial source right up to the final delivery of the product to the customer through effective implementation of this E-Business strategy. In E-Commerce too, there is a network of purchasing and vending which can be observed through the use through dissemination of information over the internet. It is due to the support of a powerful chain supply management that anything from an automobile to electronic goods can be purchased in an absolutely trouble-free manner over the internet.

One of the most important segments of any business is after sales support which essentially is Customer Support and a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship between the client and the supplier. The basis of any successful business is based on this criterion. A client always looks up to an after sales support which forms the basis of future sales. One of the objectives of E-Business is aimed at towards offering customer-friendly services to clients that would also take care of the delivery of the goods on time to the end-user. It involves optimum level customer support services coupled with an effective management of customer relationship.

The most significant attribute of any business is the superior quality of inventory management coordinated with service management. This can be achieved through creating precise plans for inventory stores and purchase of equipment and machinery, thereby eliminating superfluous purchases that would further lead to exorbitant expenses and various implications of taxes involved in the purchase.

A value chain essentially denotes a chain of processes relative to a firm operating in an industry. There are actually six business functions of a value chain, like Research and Development, Designing and packaging of finished products, Services or Processes, Production, Marketing. The essence of a value chain lies in the fact that as all products undergo a variety of processes of a value chain in a particular specific order and as the product moves towards the final stage of the value chain, the product gets better and better leading to value addition. This value addition on the product through a chain of activities is considerably far more than the total value of any independent activity. It would be inappropriate to merge the idea of the value chain with the cost involved throughout the process. Citing an example, a rough diamond is cheaper than a cut diamond, yet as it passes through the processes of cutting, it gains more value in terms of price. While the activity of cutting may be considerably low cost-wise, yet the cutting enhances value of the end product of a cut diamond.

The structure of the value chain proves to be a potent analyzing tool particularly for strategic planning purposes and became a tremendous success during the early ’90’s being at the forefront of the management concept. The notion of a value chain has the capability of expanding further than individual firms and can be used for complete distribution networks and supply chains. Diverse economic factors emerge in the process of delivering a mix of products and services, each managing its own value chain. The synchronization of these local value chains form an extensive value chain which at times reaches across the global extent. This extensive interconnection of value chains is popularly known as the Value System.

The easy adaptability of people to conduct E-Businesses through their laptops and i-net cell phones and PDAs has grown phenomenally and it is estimated that the present trend of E-Business would continue. There is hardly any doubt that E-Business in its manifest forms is here to stay and people would adapt to it in a much easier manner as compared to conventional business. However, before embarking on an enterprise, the entrepreneur should not overlook the risk factors involved in E-Business.

There are certain crucial factors that dominate the present day’s economy. An entrepreneur needs to possess the capability of adapting to the rapid changes in the business environment. A person should also have acumen to be original and diverse from others in the field. A reduction in costs of operation of business requires a person to resort to automation. E-Business provides entrepreneurs a unique opportunity of doing business in a faster, cost effective and a far better way. A tactical edge gained today is certain to become tomorrow’s cost of conducting business.

Economic efficiency is one of the most beneficial yields from E-Commerce. This results from drastic decrease in costs of communication, reduced technological costs on infrastructure, faster and more electronic transactions that take place with suppliers, lower sharing of information and advertisement expenses coupled with inexpensive customer support alternatives.