Internet Marketing Tips – Marketing Under Pen Names

I want to thank my friend Oilman, from the Warrior Forum, for bringing up this question. He wanted to know if marketing under a pen name was ethical. He was having some personal problems with it and wanted to know how others felt. Instead of posting my response there, where only a few people will see it, I’m going to answer the question in this article. Please understand, this is only my opinion.

For starters, let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. Marketing under a pen name is not illegal. People do it all the time. The list of authors who wrote under pen names is a mile long. Certainly nobody really believes that there is a Geico gecko. I know I don’t. Point is, companies have been using fictional characters of all sorts to endorse all kinds of products. I think the public is intelligent enough to know that this is just a representation.

But what about the person who uses XYZ name to promote a product that he has created and people begin to identify the product with him, especially if he promotes himself as the “friendly” marketer, or the “average Joe” marketer? What if that’s the name he actually uses, something like “Average Joe Wilson” and his real name is John Smith. Is this ethical? Is this person getting sales based on a persona that he has created that he wouldn’t have normally gotten otherwise?

Well, maybe he is. But that still doesn’t answer the question…is it ethical? Okay, here is how I look at it. If the product does what the persona claims, made up or not, then I see no problem. If I create a product that fixes relationships and I call myself the “Relationship Repairman” does it really matter that my name is Steven Wagenheim? And yes, that’s my REAL name. I mean my goodness…who would make up a name like Steven Wagenheim? Certainly I can do better than that.

Point is, it’s what the product promises and delivers on that matters. If I used my real name and created a product that was garbage, I think THAT should be a crime, especially if I’m making claims about the product that aren’t true. The name I use shouldn’t matter. And again, according to law, it doesn’t.

Yes, there are some gray areas, such as you can’t call yourself a doctor if you’re not an MD or at least a PhD. That is fraud and punishable by law. But if you want to call yourself “John Darling The Romantic Specialist” in an effort to sell custom Valentine cards, I say power to you.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Internet Marketing: A Reflection after One Year in the Business

As autumn and cold crawl their way into Canada and the sun sets before 4 p.m., this darkness and quietness bring along a time of reflection for all of us. The assessment I want to share with you is about  internet   marketing . Although my list of things to do seams never-ending, I am very happy to realize all I have accomplished in less than a year ( over 40 active web sites, a hypnosis for childbirth program that already got international recognition, over 100 published articles on the net, etc)

I have been in  internet   marketing  for a little less than a year and I have attended ten  internet   marketing  seminars in 2006. I am the kind of person who likes to get to the bottom of things. I want to share my findings with people who are starting, thinking of starting or even stalling in the  internet   marketing  business.

The ten biggest pieces of wisdom I want to share with you about  internet   marketing  I have learned are:

1)The price of  Internet   Marketing  products is highly exaggerated. Many marketers are comfortable taking hundreds of dollars for useless e-books or software. They are able to overcharge such big money for two main reasons: their customers believe their well-written sales letter promising them to become a millionaire by working only two hours per day. The second reason is that since other people have raised the bar before them, they feel comfortable with overcharging for their products.

I encourage everyone who is about to purchase any  internet   marketing  product to take a deep breath, back up and do an  internet  search. Most probably, the product or its equivalent is already available for a fraction of the price on the internet.

My opinion is that no e-book is worth that much unless it provides me with the code of the safe at the bank for this internet marketer.

2)In the  internet   marketing  business there are dreamers and there are doers. I have repeatedly met some people at  internet   marketing  seminars who have not taken action and just keep buying the next product promising them a fast an effortless income. My experience is that it takes work (but then again I don’t see it as work as I enjoy it very much) at least in the beginning to secure a decent income in the  internet   marketing  business.

3)Many  internet  marketers made their fortunes by selling products to people who want to make a fortune in the  internet   marketing  business. Willie Crawford draws the parallel that the people who got the richest during the gold rush were the ones selling shovels and sticks to the gold diggers.

Anyone interested in  internet   marketing  has to ask themselves if they have just been enriching the people selling them promises to make millions in the  internet  business.

4)There are basically three categories of internet marketers out there: the ones who just want your money, the ones who give you a good deal for your money and the ones that genuinely care about helping you making good money by sharing their efficient tactics.

I will, of course, not name any names here and I think that deep deep down people know what kind of marketers they are. I can tell you that upon trying to do a mental list of the genuine, caring ones, I had enough of my ten fingers to do the complete list.

5)The real successful internet marketers are often not on stage at seminars. I have met some very successful and knowledgeable people by talking to the person sitting next to me at seminars. I highly recommend you get to know the attendees at any given seminar; you will be surprised to sometimes find out that they know more than the speaker upfront and wiling to share everything with you…for free.

6)A masterminding group is a great resource to learn and share tricks and tips about  internet   marketing . The rule is to be part of a group that is about (or even better, a little above) your level of knowledge and accomplishments in  internet   marketing .

7)Action is power. Whatever piece of gold nugget you learn is useless if you do not take action on it. Many people are eternal course takers but have yet to get their first web site up. Even the best intended internet marketer will not make a penny if he doesn’t get his product out there. I have heard numerous times the advice to put out your product and fix the fine details later. It has been a little challenging for a perfectionist like me but, honestly, it works great. Often, customer comments allow me to go back and improve my product in ways that I would have never thought of.

8) Internet   marketing  is a number’s game. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you might rise very fast very high and then tumble down as fast. Diversity is the foundation for a solid business.

9)There will always be new things to learn. One cannot stay in their basement and hope that the world will not change. The  internet   marketing  world is one that changes at the speed of light and one has to keep informed of the new trends and developments.

10)The Internet is here to stay. Internet has been growing at an astonishing rate and those who got in the game will be ahead of the pack in this exciting and powerful window to the world. The possibilities are infinite.

Get An Internet Marketing Coach

If you have been seriously looking to start a successful business online that will generate substantial income for yourself and your family, then chances are that you have also seen many successful testimonials and stories about people making tons of money online in any number of different ways.

To be sure, there are several important truths to these claims of success: The first is that people do actually make money; and people who could be successful, more often than not, needlessly fail.

Why do people fail with their online business? Often each case is different but the common denominator is that many people truly underestimate that achieving success online requires knowledge, expertise, and awareness of the pitfalls that plague the online marketing landscape.

That is why I have strongly advocated that those people interested in creating successful streams of income online, should obtain an experience  internet   marketing  coach. The very small investment in time by getting real help and direction through a seasoned professional and internet marketer, can often help you weed through the hype and figure out what works for your niche business.

The third truth is that even though the potential to make money is high, many people often spend too much money in getting to their break-even point. However, by utilizing the experience of an  internet   marketing  coach who is spends his days assessing the good, the bad, and the ugly, can help direct you and explain the best course of action.

An experienced  internet   marketing  coach is like having a good rudder on a sailing boat. Without the rudder you might be able to sail but you are going to be caught up in the prevailing winds of the niche market economy without the ability to control your destiny. An  internet   marketing  coach will work with you to determine the overall viability of your business idea and marketing model. In addition, an  internet   marketing  coach will determine which course of action you should be taking based on your particular market, your sales goals, and your marketing budget, and show you how to get there!

Remember, what will work for one product niche, may not work in another product niche! A good marketing coach can help you ensure that you are off to a great start with finding the most cost effective way to reach your target audience, and help you keep your actual spending within budget.

I have seen many people sail off onto the World Wide Web to find the continent of riches on their own. The problem is that they set off without course of action, a rudder, a sail, and without a clue on how to get there! In the end, they are found washed up on a shore, upset that they didn’t find what they were looking for: success.

Isn’t it time you got yourself an experience  internet   marketing  coach?

Internet Marketing Information For Businesses

The techniques used in  internet   marketing  are invariably changing with new systems added all the time. And while some features of  Internet   marketing  are similar to traditional marketing, others are not. Having the correct tools, and proper mindset, for  internet   marketing  are essential to success.

 Internet   marketing  is in reality, one of the most difficult professions to become successful in, but it can be achieved if you are both hard working and apply a little elbow grease.  Internet   marketing  is the process of expanding and advertising an organization using online media as well as the use of the  Internet  to advertise and sell products and services. Your website and  Internet   Marketing  are the tactics you use to persuade visitors to make purchases or become an  internet  lead.

For anyone conducting business on-line, a properly optimized website can mean the difference between success and failure. The more exposure your website gets, the greater the potential you will have sales, which is the lifeblood to any business. Using Google’s pay-per-click advertising system has been proven to bring targeted customers to your site. As a result, every business should have a PPC program for their targeted keywords. With correct keyword density and meta tags, business websites will come through with top rankings on major search engine lists. Once internet business owners are experiencing the essential website traffic in order to secure high ranking search engine status, they should submit their internet business website to all of the major search engines.

There are also low-cost  internet   marketing  methods available to  internet  business owners, and these methods are easy to utilize. If  internet  business owners are searching for low-cost  internet   marketing  they should seriously consider becoming engaged in link exchange opportunities. Exchanging links is primarily a free process, making link exchanges a cost effective way for business owners to increase traffic to their website.

The long term prognosis for online advertising is that it will continue to outperform other types of advertisements in reaching the highest targeted audiences. Successful online marketing depends to a great extent on your ability to identify those advertisements that provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience in a scalable and cost effective manner.

 Internet   Marketing  is a terrific way to make a living and a great place for people to start the business of their dreams. The opportunities that exist for  Internet   marketing  are endless. By recognizing areas in which you can enrich your  Internet   marketing  techniques, you can help facilitate your long-term success.

Internet Marketing Reality Check

There are thousands of web sites, books, CD-ROM’s, cassette tapes and various other forms of communication devoted to the topic of  Internet   marketing . The majority of these sites profess to offer “secret strategies” and “killer tactics” which promise to increase your chances of having success on the Internet. Of course you must fork over your hard earned cash for these wonderful pearls of wisdom. (Many of which turn out to be nothing more than pyramid schemes and other scams)

With all of these so called experts lining up to take your money and fill your head with dreams of making easy millions you may find it difficult to filter out the facts from the fiction. I will take the unenviable role of fact giving, bubble burster and tell you flat out, “There are no secrets to successful  Internet   marketing !”

Let me repeat myself, I said, “There are no secrets to successfully  Internet   marketing 

Successful marketing, whether its online or off, requires careful planning and a lot of hard work. And no amount of marketing will ever meet with success if the product being marketed is a bad one. This is especially true of web sites, which carry the remarkable distinction of the almighty back button. I know this from first hand experience with companies that have spent ridiculous amounts of money to market web sites which were basically unusable.

Now that your dreams of sailing around the ocean sipping margaritas, while an  Internet  cash machine deposits six figure sums into your bank are thoroughly dashed, lets explore some of the common issues associated with true  Internet   marketing  success as well as a few of the many misconceptions.

The same principles that govern off-line marketing practices apply to online marketing. Research, Planning, and Analysis.


Determine what makes your product or service stand out from the crowd. What do you offer that the competition doesn’t? How do your prices compare to others in the market? What features of your product are one of a kind? All of this information will help in designing your web site to reflect a unique selling proposal. A unique selling proposal answers the customer’s question, “What’s in it for me?” Gather all the information possible that answers this question and use it in planning your web site.


Develop a marketing strategy for your web site.

Are you selling merchandise online? Are you advertising a service? Who are your customers? You must determine exactly what it is that you want your website to accomplish. Example: If your web site is focused on making it easier for potential customers to learn about your services, focus your attention on offering as much information about your services as possible. Price comparisons of your competition, directions to your business location, contact information, testimonials, etc.,are a good place to start. Plan your web site around a central goal.


So your web site is up and running, you have developed a marketing strategy and people are interested in your product. Now its time to figure our what is working and what isn’t. This aspect of marketing your web site can be one of the most difficult to understand. This goes well beyond simply counting the number of visitors to your site. It requires analyzing the habits of those who travel to your site. Determining what features of your site compel visitors to purchase your products, what features turn visitors away. It is important to analyze every single feature of your web site, from the sales copy to the navigation. You must understand how every feature of your web site supports or detracts from your marketing success.

Hopefully by now you realize that  Internet   marketing  requires more than just an out-of-the-box solution. There is no magical formula to marketing online, and those who say otherwise should be scrutinized. The incredible variety of businesses online require individual marketing strategies and plans. A real estate web site should not be marketed the same way as one selling comic books. Any salesman would have a difficult time selling denture glue to a teen-ager, it just doesn’t fit. And neither do one size fits all marketing plans. Target markets have to be considered. Planning, strategy and analysis must be carried out in order to achieve any kind of lasting success.

Make your web site usable and you will gain success!

Now, if you would like to send me a check for $30 for this “killer strategy” please feel free to do so. Otherwise, take this bit of information and file it in the “critically important” category. By usable, I’m talking about such web site considerations as working links, fast loading pages, limited use of images,animations and other “fluff” that will make most users hit the back button faster than you can blink a virtual eye.

Fact: Most Internet users will hit their back buttons if a web page doesn’t load in 20 seconds or less. Increasing the speed at which your web site loads greatly increases the likelihood that it will ever be seen.

Submit your site to 100,000 search engines for just $29.95 !!! Beware of offers like this, the truth is there are only a handful of search engines that most people use to find things online. Concentrating your marketing efforts on these few search engines is much more effective than having your site listed in a million places that nobody will ever see Bear in mind that most of these multiple search engine submittal sites are profit driven, and the only one making a profit is them.

Fact: Google and Yahoo are currently the major players in the search engine game comprising 54% and 41% of all Internet searches respectively.(Source: Comscore Media Metrix 05/04) There are several techniques to achieving higher rankings with these two search engines none of which are secrets. Read my article on search engine optimization for more information about this important topic.

Number 1 Ranking in Google! Guaranteed!

I have seen many web sites offering search engine ranking services, making claims like the one above, The truth of the matter is that it is impossible to guarantee a number one ranking with Google’s free search engine submission. As I have stated previously there are a number of strategies and steps that can be taken to optimize your web site for search engine placement and achieve the highest rankings possible. Guaranteed results are a myth, it is possible to have the highest ranking in Google for search terms that aren’t commonly used, but then, what’s the point?

Fact: It is true that you can purchase advertising space using the Google service called AdWords. Advertisements appear in the right hand column of Google search pages.

Successful marketing of your business online requires time, effort and patience. There are no easy solutions. But, a fair amount of devotion and common sense can yield truly impressive results.

Internet Marketing Strategies

What makes any internet business a runaway success? A great launch is good and easy but in the long run it is the careful planning and implementation of internet marketing strategies that makes the online business a revenue generator. A combination of good internet marketing strategies like affiliate marketing or Ezine publishing or blogging, requires research and organizing.

Internet is packed with affiliate marketing software and other marketing techniques like quick Ezine publishing, to make your online business a million-dollar industry with just a few hours and days spent over it. Well, let me tell you that overnight success of internet marketing strategies is a carefully publicized myth.

Successful internet marketing strategies are not devised in a day or two, but take effort, meticulous research, implementation and monitoring of various marketing techniques like Ezine publishing, Affiliate marketing, banner ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blogs, Good adsense, etc.

Create an impact with your internet marketing strategy by implementing a combination of these proven marketing techniques.

Targeted Niche Marketing: Decide on the customer for your internet business. Survey the customer categories and usefulness of your product for this. Organize your Marketing Strategy around your niche customers. Niche marketing techniques will require optimal utilization of other internet marketing strategies to be successful.

Affiliate Marketing: Sign up with programs that offer your business to their affiliate marketer networks. You will get a readymade list of people eager to sell your product for a commission off the sale. The commission structure can be decided by you. Just remember that best affiliates charge the highest commissions, but are an invaluable asset to affiliate marketing success. Affiliate marketing is the simplest Internet marketing strategy.

Ezine Publishing: Create a mailing list or use an old mailing list for sending newsletters (Ezines) about your business. Make maximum use of the referrals. Have visitors to your website signup for the Ezine and even refer a friend. Publish your Ezine carefully to target your business audience. Having other popular businesses advertise in your Ezine will get you a space in their Ezine marketing too, widening the sphere of your internet marketing strategy.

SEO Piggybacking: One of the oldest internet marketing strategies is to hitch a ride on another successful business. Add keywords to your web content to get your site search engine optimized (SEO). Research various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, etc for keywords describing your business. Check the businesses that rate the highest with the search engines and get your website optimized to the same keywords and watch your business show up high in search results.

Banner Ads: Carefully select high traffic websites to place your banner ads. Research the host websites for competitors’ ads, web content quality, ad content quality, how many other sites link to it, search engine optimization of the host website, and placement of your ad. Banner Ads are an invaluable part of your internet marketing strategy.

Reviews and Awards: A review from a popular reviewing and/or award site can help you establish credibility with your visitors. Have your customers review you. Your reviews being posted in blogs and forums will also contribute to the success of your internet marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign: This is a tricky online marketing strategy but can become hugely successful when monitored closely. Select a PPC program that permits you the flexibility to determine your daily expenditure for this directed traffic generation method.

Blogs: Blogging is an integral part of every successful internet marketing strategy today. You can publish your own blogs on your business site or become a member of other blog sites. Selecting successful networking sites for blog placement will increase your market presence.

Google Adsense: This textual internet marketing strategy places related text AdWords by Google on your website. By participating in this network marketing you build up your presence with other members of Google AdSense and earn a better SEO placement.

Freebies: Offer free coupons or discounts in your website and in your ad placement on other sites. Track these freebies and their success by allotting a code to each coupon and monitor the success of this type of internet marketing strategy. The freebies can be as banner ads or text ads and are great at directing customers to your website.

By carefully selecting a combination, you can create a highly successful internet marketing strategy for the long term.

2 Secrets For Internet Marketing Success

If you are new to  Internet   Marketing , maybe you are still learning and trying to search for the secret of  Internet   Marketing  success. If you are an experienced  Internet  Marketer, maybe you know that there is no secret of  Internet   Marketing  success.

Nowadays, there are a lot of hype and scams in the Internet. I have seen some get-rich-quick scams that make unbelievable promises. They say that you will get rich without having to spend much time and effort. If you are new to  Internet   Marketing , please do not fall for such promises. Don’t waste your money on these products as you are about to get scammed! This is from my experience.

If you are serious about making money online and want to succeed in  Internet   Marketing , then, let me tell you my 2 secrets for  Internet   Marketing  success.

1) Create informative and quality content/product

As said in many ebooks, content is KING! Content refers to web pages, ebooks, videos, articles, ezines/newsletter, landing pages,  Internet   Marketing  success online courses,etc. I have seen many content related website. Some offer 7 day online course for  Internet   Marketing  success, some offer informative articles, some who have a lot of subscribers offer a weekly or monthly ezine/newsletter while others create tutorial videos for  Internet   Marketing  success. This is what I mean by informative and quality content. It must be useful for the visitors.

2) Build links

Basically, a link that is linking your site from another site means that somebody is giving you a point. Therefore, if you have a lot of links pointing to your website, then search engine will take notice of your website and rank it well. That’s why it is advisable to build links if you want to rank high in the search engines.

As always, you won’t see any success if you just create content and links and then forget about it. You need to perform these activities continuously and consistently for time after time. Then, as time progresses,  Internet   Marketing  success will come to you.

Are you thinking that the secret for  Internet   Marketing  success is not easy? Well, you see, nothing is easy when it comes to making money online!

There may be products or tools online that can help you to succeed in  Internet   Marketing . However, don’t be fooled by those products that promise you can make a lot of money without any hard work. You see, if there is really such a product that can make you rich without any hard work, don’t you think that everybody you see on the street are millionaires by now? This is what I always believe in: Focus yourself, work hard or rather smart and you will definitely succeed in  Internet   Marketing .

Hence, remember the 2 secrets for  Internet   Marketing  success. I wish you success in your  Internet   Marketing !

Here Are the Six Keys to Effective Internet Marketing

For anyone who is just in the beginning steps of growing an effective Internet marketing business, don’t automatically assume that it is going to be a totally simple process. If you avoid this mindset, then you should be able to join the 5% of people who actually succeed with their online business.

Any big project or business venture will be faced with a large amount of problems. If you want to grow a successful business, either on or off-line, then you need to be prepared to work on and solve problems.

One of the best things that you can do as an up and coming effective Internet marketing person is to find out who has already been successful and then copy what they do. There is already a lot of available information on how to succeed online. This info can be found on various article directories, forums, blogs and many other places. There are also many books and e-books available on the subject matter. You can easily find books on Internet marketing on or any other popular online bookstore.

In addition to the above points, in order to succeed as an effective Internet marketing individual, there are 6 key areas that you will need to focus on.

1. Developing the correct mindset: Even if you have very little or no Internet marketing experience, you can always learn to think properly. The correct mindset is one of the great keys to success with any business venture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from other successful marketers. If you work proactively, then solutions will always find you. When you hook up with someone who is successful, don’t be afraid to copy them. Remember to keep your mind open because you may be able to innovate on a previously successful strategy and make it work even more effectively.

2. Always continue with the learning process: Always seek to improve your expertise in effective Internet marketing. Continuously learn and study new material. Even if you think you know it all, keep on learning more. Start growing a small library of reference books which you can search through anytime you want. Anytime you get stuck in a particular area, you will always have those books to refer back to. Mental development is a big part of business success.

3. Building long term relationships: Now even though you are likely at home working by yourself online, you are not, in fact alone. There are many thousands of people working online at any one time. Attempt to hook up with people who have the same knowledge that you are looking for.

When you find people that you can work with, start growing relationships with them. Join and participate in relevant forums. Find blogs in your niche and read and comment on them. Make sure that you always promptly reply to any private forum messages, emails, Skype messages and any other forms of communication which come your way.

4. Growing a mastermind team: A mastermind team is a group of people who are in a similar business that work together. As you are growing the list of people that you like to work with, you will start to realize that there is a sub group of the individuals who you will want to work more closely with. You may, perhaps, want to outsource some of your work to these people. Alternatively, there are some who you may want to develop joint ventures with. What you will find is that much more can be accomplished by a group working in unison as opposed to each of the individuals working on their own.

5. Always look for new ways to develop your business. Now this applies to all aspects from website development and improvement to marketing and promotion. Always be on the lookout for new and better products to promote. Also, stay on top of the latest and greatest marketing methods available.

6. Know your products and deliver them: This is really the final phase of your effective Internet marketing business. Once you have done all of the marketing and the sales are coming in, you’ll want to know if the product is getting delivered okay. Ensure that you have tried out the product for yourself in advance. Also, make certain that the delivery process works. The best way to do this is to simply purchase the product for yourself, then you can confirm the delivery process and product viability all in one shot.

If you want to grow a successful online business, then be sure to follow these 6 key steps to effective Internet marketing.

Internet Marketing For Online Businesses: 5 Things You Need To Be Successful

Using internet marketing for online businesses is something many people are moving towards. The online world is becoming more and more sought after by brick and mortar businesses all over the world. Maybe you own a brick and mortar business in town. Using internet marketing for local businesses is very common as well. But there are some people who use the web only to run their business. Most fail, but the ones who make know things you don’t. I want to 5 things you need to be successful online.

#1.) Get A hosted Blog:

To be successful using internet marketing for your online businesses, you need a hosted blog. Why is this? The best internet marketing companies have their own blog. You can go get a free blog at Blogger or WordPress, but you need to be in control of your own, from a hosted company like HostGator. Installing WordPress on your domain is the best way to go. This will help you in a couple of ways. It is good for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Google likes hosted blogs better than the free ones. This will be able to rank up on Google for free traffic. It is also great for branding yourself and your business.

#2.) Determine your budget and find the right places to advertise, that will bring massive traffic to you at little cost:

Successful internet marketers will analyze how much money they can spend on advertising. If you have a certain amount you are willing to spend, then you can get instant traffic to your site fast. You have to know where to place the right ads, at the right, targeting the right content. If you want to start out with free marketing methods it takes a lot more work, but it benefits internet marketing businesses in the long run. You will save money and stay ranked on page 1 of Google, depending on how well you conduct market and keyword research.

#3.) Build and test landing pages:

You want to always be testing landing pages when running new campaigns. What I mean is, when you are trying to market to a specific group of people, you need to make 2 landing pages making only one change to it. You then analyze them statistically and see which one gives you more conversions or opt-ins. This will improve your opt-in rate, which in turn produces more sales.

#4.) Offer The right incentives when you can:

The best internet marketing companies or home businesses online will offer some sort of incentive for a specific action or an opt-in (a name and email). The successful marketers will give away free value to the prospect that will make them happy now. This builds trust and desire for the end result, which is the sale.

#5.) Master the art of email marketing:

To have massive success with your internet marketing business, email marketing is one the best ways to grow your business and have life long business to succeed in. Successful online marketers create a list of subscribers when people opt-in to their mailing list. This is where building a relationship by giving valuable information comes in.

Mastering the art of internet marketing for your online business is something these big time marketers didn’t learn over night. It is the most profitable way to money; I’m talking about making 6-figures a month. These marketers had the right mentoring and training to guide them.

Internet Marketing Tips for Those on a Budget

Whether you’re a small business or so small you simply aspire to be, the Internet is one of the greatest things that could’ve happened to you. In too many ways to mention, the World Wide Web has leveled the playing field between you and your larger competitors. The best example of this may be Internet marketing. You can reach countless people in some pretty incredible ways if you know what you’re doing. Best of all, it doesn’t take deep pockets to do it. If you’re on a budget, don’t let that stop you from succeeding. Instead, consider these Internet marketing tips.

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Alright, if you don’t have a website for your company, start there. However, whether you’ve had one for years or are just creating it now, it needs to be mobile friendly. If it takes your entire marketing budget to accomplish this, it’s worth it (fortunately, it won’t).

Everyone has a mobile device these days and, each year, more and more people are using theirs to access the Internet. Without responsive design, your website won’t look right to visitors and many will ditch it for one of your competitors. No amount of marketing will save you from this. Responsive design will.

Get Blogging

This is such an old Internet marketing strategy it’s tempting to think it doesn’t hold water anymore. Fortunately, you’re wrong. Blogs are great for a number of reasons:

• They’re easy to publish and each one helps you rank for keywords.

• They humanize your company, something a lot of your larger competitors probably don’t do very well, if at all.

• They’re an excellent way to give your market free information, something that inspires loyalty and will gain you plenty of traffic.

While blogging may not be a new idea, it doesn’t mean you can’t look for new ways to differentiate yours. Look at blogs your competitors post and think of ways you can provide something different and better.

Use Video

Videos are becoming the new blogs (in fact, some are referred to as vlogs) and for much the same reasons. They can be used to increase your site’s SEO, for one. Nowadays, they’re pretty easy to post too, though you should spend some money on ensuring you have quality equipment. No one wants to buy anything from someone who looks like they made a video with their flip phone.

If you sell a product that could use a demonstration, videos will be your best friend. What could take hundreds of words to describe can be done with a video in about a minute. Your customers will appreciate such an objective tutorial too.

Social Media

When it comes to Internet marketing, it would be impossible to leave out social media. Like blogs, this suggestion may seem like old news, but you can’t afford to think that way as a small business. Remember that a lot of your larger competitors come off as stiff, forced, and insincere when they try to speak like an actual human. This often cripples their social media use.

Being a smaller company means not only can you do this, but you absolutely should. People like knowing there’s an actual person they can talk to if they have a question. Plenty will also appreciate the fact that you’re not putting on a front to communicate with them.

Whether it’s blogs, videos, or social media, make sure you mix up the message every now and then. Use these mediums to introduce yourself, tell a joke or simply make casual conversation with others. So long as it’s professional, this is a good way to garner positive attention.

Despite what you may have been told, there really aren’t any well-guarded secrets to Internet marketing known only to a lucky few. The above may not seem like revolutionary methods, but they’re Internet marketing tactics others have used to reach all kinds of success. The “secret”, if there is one, is being patient and persistent. You won’t have a million Twitter followers this month nor is your blog going to get you on camera anytime soon.

Expecting those kinds of results won’t get you far in business and won’t serve you in Internet marketing. However, if you can ditch that thinking, your business and marketing will both improve.